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       96th BB Glasgow
Status :    Disbanded
                The BB company met in Riverside school pre 1949 before moving to Dalmarnock Parish Church
Church :  Dalmarnock Parish Church of Scotland, Dalmarnock, Glasgow
                103 Springfield Road (closed 1977)




 96th BB Glasgow 
 Officers photo taken 
 in the 1960s


John Patrick
Jim Mackay
Jimmy Maxwell Capt.John Ferrier Sammy Hay

Capt John Ferrier,  Sammy Hay and
Jim MacKay
are deceased




 96th BB Glasgow 
 NCOs photo taken 
 in the early 1960s



1. ____________ 2.Willie Finnie 3. _________  4. Jim Ballantyne.


Back row : 1.__________     2. Jim Ballantyne   3. ____________
Front row : 1. Derek Maxwell  2.___________   3. Jackie Nicholson

 96th BB Glasgow 
 NCO Jim Ballantyne's  
 squad photo taken 
 in the early 1960s


Jan.2008 Extract from email, Alan Jackson, Rutherglen.
Webmaister, It is with some regret that I have to inform you of the death of Jim MacKay ex Captain of the 96th Glasgow Company of The Boys' Brigade. Jim passed away suddenly in December about two weeks before christmas after a short illness in hospital.
Jim continued his interest in the BB even after the 96th was disbanded ,and was at a District Council meeting about two weeks before being admitted to hospital. There isn't enough space to describe this man in relation to his faith Church work ,and other commitments outwith the BB and Church. There are many of us from Dalmarnock who have fond memories of Jim ,and that's the way he should be remembered.  He was the last Skipper of the 96th. 
Alan Jackson
District Secretary,
Cathkin District , Glasgow Battalion,
The Boys' Brigade.
11 Jan.2006 Extract from guestbook, Alan Jackson, Rutherglen, aged 46  
Just a short note as I know that many people read the Guestbook, both at home and abroad and are very much interested in The Boys'Brigade is with sadness that I have to write that Jim Maxwell an Officer in the 96th Glasgow Company of The Boys' Brigade passed away suddenly on the 1st January 2006.
Jim was the band master in the 96th [ his photograph is in the BB section, see below] and taught many Dalmarnock lad how to play the Bugle, including myself.He was a quiet Family man devoted to his family.With the turn out of the ex members of the 96th old Officers and Boys at his funeral on Monday spoke volumes of the high regard we all held for Jim...

Nov. 2004, Extract from guestbook, Marjorie Winters, Glasgow 
"Always something fresh to engage my attention. Marvellous site and tonight I'm in trouble again with the family for getting lost on Glesga pals !!! My husband was in the 96th BB,  .......Webmaister Will, I must get you some details to add. Alan Jackson was a member there as well. He sent you the Springfield photos of 1966, 1971 I used to be an officer in the 96th Junior Section, whilst I was AHT in Springfield school.
Nov. 2004, Extract from guestbook, Alan Jackson, Glasgow, age 41-50
It was great seeing the 96th BB being mentioned on this website. I was one of "jabes" boys in the Junior Section 1967 to 1970 and have some photographs of that time..... Still involved in the BB and see my old skipper Jim McKay and John Patrick...the older versions of that from what is shown in the photographs... at meetings ..its a shame that considering the happy and competative times there was in the BB companies in the Dalmarnock/Bridgeton area there are none left... I could go on and on....but its true what Jim Ballantyne said - our annual displays were always the talk of the steamie......thanks to him, Ricky Winters, Jim Thyne and Miss Cochrane...



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