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      219th Boys' Brigade Glasgow, Bridgeton
  19th Boys' Brigade Glasgow, Castlemilk


219th / 19th BB Camp in  Southport, England, 1976


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Feb.2004 Photographs from the camp sent in by Ronnie McGivens :

          Raymond Linski, Ronnie McGivens & John Farrell
Ronnie " remember John was nicknamed 'tulip' by big Jas because the first time we went to
the camp in St.Cyrus, John's granny had bought him a mug & it had a tulip on it!"

Webmaister : aye Ronnie we had a good laugh when we read this


                                             Farrell and ?     
                          Linski, Smudger, Fisher & Ronnie   

Extract from e-mails Feb.2004 Ronnie McGivens, Glasgow, Scotland
"Hello there Auld Da.......I bet you this is a surprise.... photos  taken in Southport in 1976  I got your e-mail address from the Dalmarnock School website. I have an aunty in Canada who is now in her sixties and she found the site and phoned over to let the rest of my family know about it. Some of the school photos from the 40's and 50's have some of my aunts and uncles in them. I found some school photos in my Ma's house, so when I get to grips with this scanner I will send them to you. I was going to e-mail you last year but I didn't really know what to say, AYE WULL THAT WID BE A FIRST FOR CHEEKY RONNIE MCGIVENS, so at least this picture was a good way of breaking the ice." 

"Well Wull I can honestly say that the best memories of my childhood were the ones which involved the 219th BB. The camps that we went to were brilliant, I mean when you are a young teenager you do not want to go to Blackpool with your Ma and Da, you want to be amongst all your pals getting a laugh playing football etc. I would like to sincerely thank you, Big Jas and all the officers for all the time and effort which you put in over the years to enrich the childhoods of myself and many others."

Webmaister : absolutely wonderful to hear from 'wee Ronnie' after all these years. Ronnie was a founder member of the band in the seventies and was a great wee cheeky chappie!  He is now 42yrs old!!! married to Ann with two girls..........dae ah feel auld or whit!!! .     See Ronnie in the band's first parade photograph 


Whitley Bay 1971 Skegness 
St Cyrus 


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