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  x  Jessie & Ronnie McPhee


  Jessie & Ronnie's GlescaPals webpage

Jessie and Ronnie on the evening of their wedding day on 22 August 1964 
and just before they left on their honeymoon evening night out to see Lex McLean 
(sexy lexy) at the Metropole Theatre.

They were married in 
St Clements church 
which was at the corner of Brook Street and London Road, the Minister being the 
Reverend William Ingles Miller.

Their best man and bridesmaid 
for the occasion were 
Joe McCully and Georgie Wood 
with whom they still keep contact.

The wedding was arranged to be held in the vestry but the Rev Miller would not hear of it.
Ronnie said "the minister insisted that the ceremony be held in the main church and as the ceremony proceeded, us young ones had a fit of the giggles which was more to do with the solemnity of the occasion
 rather than disrespect, and I'm sure the 
Rev Miller understood."


Weeks prior to the actual wedding the reverend instructed them of the need to visit the Registrar office to collect the proper documents, and in a letter he wrote "make sure you take some form of ID as you both look to young to be getting married."  

Jessie and Ronnie first met at a Christmas party in 1960 and in August 2003 they will be married for thirty nine years. Throughout this time they have always loved each other as well as being the best of friends.........
I believe that the modern term is 'soulmates'.

Penny Gandy
Ronnie on Freers Gandy,
Bridgeton in the nineteen sixties

(click on photo to enlarge)

Bernard St School 1960
Ronnie's School Photo 
Bernard St School,1960 


     Jessie & Ronnie now live in London.






"Wull, thanks for 'GlescaPals'
your website has given me 
hours of enjoyment.....Ron."

  Jessie & Ronnie's 
  Grandson Hector
     ( 2yrs old )
    A wonderful photograph of a bonnie wee lad!
           Quite a resemblance  tae his Granda..
                 An' look at that cheeky smile!


Webmaster:- In the space of a few months Ronnie has become a good friend of mine. 
                     He writes to me constantly, sending me songs, poems, stories, photos and sometimes utter rubbish!.
                    There have been times when I have needed a wee 'lift' and a email arrives  frae Ronnie or I read some of his tales in the
                    message board and I have a laugh.  He has been inspirational and I thank him very much.
                   It gives me great pleasure to say Ronnie & Jessie have become "GlescaPals" Jan. 2003


Extract from messageboard, Jan.2003, Anne Calman, Canada
onnie just had a wee look at you and your wife on your wedding day, lovely looking couple but my god are you a smasher now, a regular James Bond, some people age very well and you are one of them, thats not to say you weren't good looking when you were young! ha ha"


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