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Nov 2009, Helen Chalmers, Toronto, Canada
You have done more to put Bridgeton on the map than the 2014 games will ever do...
...believe me.....Your site gives us the Bridgeton that we all remember and love....but time cannot stand still...and yet it does in the hearts
Of anyone who moved choice or otherwise from a time when we all were poor and didn't realize it...because of true friends and caring neighbours who maybe had less than ourselves....but gladly shared the little they had without a second thought...Now these are the Experiences that no amount of money can purchase...Thank you Wull...Sincerely....Helen Chalmers
Nov 2006, Adaline Lynas ( nee McTear), Aged 51, Glasgow day my brother told me of this site and I thought I would see what all the fuss was about. Absolutely love it, cried, laughed and had many lumps in my throat of the great memories you have given me.
Sept 2006, Elizabeth Mehigan, Aged 71, Canada
Loads of memories growing up with 7 siblings in a one room and kitchen, lavay outside up the close and up the back. Running away to get married and living on Thistle Street then moving to Mary hill with 2 daughters and then onto Canada 1965 were 3rd was born...this one was always anoyed that she did not get the Glesga experience!!
April 2006, Matthew McManus, Aged 59, Australia
have just got my computer,then i found glesga pals,all i can say is its brilliant its unreal the information you get is unreal ,i cant get over it its simply brilliant,matt
February 2006, Brian Piggot, Aged 43, Ontario, Canada
Wow, Ive been sitting here for 5hrs now going thru your fantastic site. I lived @ 30 Landressy St from birth in 1962 until 1969 attended John St Primary for 2 years. This site is filling in hazy wee bits in my mind of things I saw and people I meet as a wee boy, that honestly I was starting to think I had only ever imagined. Ive never had the chance to come back yet but I will soon!
January 2006, Jackie Scott, Aged 49, Northants
fair play tae ye wull for a brilliant website got in touch with an old pal fae near your auld hoose wee smiddy, spoke on the phone the night thats 3 efter 30 years ah,ve spoke tae
January 2006, Jimmy Smith, Aged 50, Northern Ireland 
I would like to thank Glesga Pals owner/webmaister Wull for his website.
You have got me in touch with my old pals Scotty, Willie and a few others your website is a credit to you A BIG THANK YOU AGAIN keep up the good work in reuniting friends from around the world and all the History from those really good old days.
January 2006, Rita Murray, Aged 58, Dumbarton, Scotland 
Found this website after watching BBC's Jeremy Paxman tracing his family tree to 9 Ardenlea Street.
I lived there until i was six with my Mum, Dad and sisters. Was even more surprised to see a photograph of myself and classmates at Springfield Rd Primary in 1953. What a great website !!
January 2006, Richard Tod, Aged 55, Northampton, England 
I have not laughed so much in a long time. Sitting alone at my computer 9 o'clock in the evening with my wife shouting up the stairs to see if I'm OK.
Lots of memories, some good, some bad. Lots of friends, some good some bad. Lots of adventures, some good, some bad. A life I would not wish on my children but an experience that made me who I am and I am proud to say I'm from Glesga!
Thank you for the site. Thank you for reminding me that my roots are deep and strong and that what we see as hardship today is less than a midgie bite in comparison.
January 2006, Jimmy Reid ( GlescaPal, Jimmuck) Canada
Dear Wull McArthur, you have struck me speechless son with your beautiful gesture and I 'Thank You' from the bottom of my hard auld heart! thank you ma furst "GlescaPal"! XXXXXX
December 2005, George Thompson, Kidderminster, England, age 74
I have always kept visiting your site,Wull. its a credit to you, its wonderful for a person like me who left Glasgow in 1949 to do my national service, to be able to rekindle memories so vividly with the help of your site. My schools were Tureen Street, Annfield(Cubie street) and John Street senior secondary
Nov 2005, Rita Scott, Hampshire , England, aged 55
this is the best site ever. I am contacting friends from 45 years ago. Cant believe it. I am in the school photo John St.Secondary.......Wull U R a bloody marvel U R. U must be a very proud man & so U should B ... bless ya xxx 
Nov 2005, Irene Brown now Donna Robertson, Brigton' Glasgow, age 58
Just love this site, its the business. went to John st. sec in the early 60s, before that Queen Mary St. Im pretty hopeless on computers but always find GlescaPals, what a brilliant site.
Oct 2005, Anne Bartok (Irvine), Ontario, Canada age 49
....this site is the best!! I was having the time of my life singing all the songs we used to sing as kids out in the street. Talk about a walk down memory lane. I came to Canada 31 years ago when I was 17 years old, and I haven't returned to Scotland in 29 years... One of these days I would love to go for a visit, and show my children where I grew up! Great site, and I love the patter.... Glaswegians are the best!! (still have the accent even after all these years!)
Sept 2005, Helen Clark (Gracie), Houston, Texas, USA, age 56
Just heard from from someone who knew some of my classmates from john st sec. Bridgton, this site really works. I am hoping to contact more, its funny we all think of our mates just how we left them,in school uniforms and ponytails.
August 2005, Ronnie Biggerstaff, Nottingham, England, age 72
visited Glasgow in july this year 2005 after 45 year absence tears were flowing fast and furious.
July. 2005, George Richardson, Canada, age 70
a grand idea frae folks away frae hame you will godown in history for making this website,
July. 2005, John F Pritchard, Cambridgeshire, England, age 72
Glasgow,the most special place in my life.I went out to make memories and I have remembered them life is so much richer for having been brought up with such wonderful people.thank-you wull for your labours to build this fantastic site allowing special folks to keep in touch.
June. 2005, John Swinburne, Michigan, USA, age 58
Your site has brought joy and tears, perhaps more tears of joy to this former resident of Bridgeton ...I was nine years old when we made that long boat trip to America. God bless all of you who hail from that little corner of the world. My greatest fear was that I would marry a girl like Daphnie Broon, but was fortunate enough to fall in love and have 5 children with more of a Maggie Broon type. Thanks for the memories. John.
June. 2005, Brian Langbridge, Glasgow, age 59
This is the best glasgow website I have seen! Congratulations to the webmaister who must have spent months building the site.
June. 2005, Elaine Wylie, London, age 42
I was quite emotional when i came across the website, and looking at all the old photos as i was only 9 yrs old when my family moved to London.All my childhood memories came flooding back
May. 2005, Elizabeth Hinchcliffe, Leeds, England age 39
: great site .lots of memories have come flooding back and have made me very very home sick as I still regard Glasgow as my "home".I have lived in Leeds for 24 years but Glasgow still belongs to me !(and me to Glasgow ).
May. 2005, Marlene Watt, Glasgow, age 55
..I found out about this from my sisters in Australia and Canada and I still stay in Glesga ????
Apr. 2005, Sheila Knox (nee McCormack) Canada, age 53
I think this site should gie a warning before entering it, that people might suffer a serious injury (like a burst gut) from laughing. Brilliant site and a great walk down memory lane.......... I laughed until I wiz greetin' Thanks Wull and awra best, Sheila
Apr. 2005, Margaret Fleming, Glasgow, age 59
My sister sent the site to me and it just brought back all the great memories, actually I was on a downer that day but this site fairly changed my mood it was just what the doctor ordered. To me it is second to none, it's BRILLIANT. AWE THE BEST
Mar. 2005, Stephanie Langan, Canada, age 30's
Hi...What a great website. I was able to make contact with a second cousin (Joe Skivington) that I had never met before because of this site.
Mar. 2005, Murray MacLeod Munro, Canada, age 36
OH WOW, all I can say!! I am doing research on my late father, and to find this has just hit my heart so strong. Just looking at these pictures, and thinking my Dad, probably new many of these people, and walked those streets. Thank you so much for making this web site. I am SO planning on $$ supporting it next payday.
Mar. 2005, John Currie, Canada, age 59
First time visitor. My wife and I have spent about three hours on here. ......... Great Site, lots of laughs and memories. Thanks.
Mar. 2005, Betty Barclay (nee Cunningham), Canada, age 64
discovered this website 2years ago and it just gets better and better and we have become one big happy family ,keep up the good work Wull
Mar. 2005, Alison Flannagan, Denmark, age 53
Just found this site today, had me in tears. Didn´t realise how homesick I really was. Someone get in touch with me please, just for a natter.
Feb. 2005, Jean Cameron, Canada
Great to see the guest books up and running again, This is the best site on the web. Ah come in to the site everyday to get ma wee "fix" of hame. Plus you never know who you might see on the photo pages.
Dec.2004, Eddie Bucher, Glasgow
I was brought up in Bridgeton in the early 60,s and I am the oldest of my family. I have told every one of them of this wonderful website ,they are now all round the planet.we have spent many along hour discussing all the things that we had forgot about Bridgeton, but not any more .thanks to Glesga Pals website .
Dec.2004, The Kelly family, Glasgow
What a great site. My son is doing a project on Glasgow and I stumbled across this site. I laughed so much and so did my son (8). Keep up the good work
Nov2004, Bertie Harte, Canada
Don't know when I will ever get through 'Glesga Pals'. There is so much for me to dwell on and reminisce. Thanks to 'Glesga Pals' I am never far away from home
Nov2004, Davie Graham, Canada
On reading the words, and seeing the photos, I can smell the smells, and hear the noises. Thanks
Jul.2004, Frank Harrigan, Glasgow, Scotland
.......... Just to say thanks to the Webmaister and this brilliant website for two things... An old china of mine, now living in Spain had lost my address. His daughter spotted my wee spiel about the Olympia cinema, contacted the Webmaister, who checked with me that it was ok to pass my e-mail address to her...and pleased to say, my auld pal and I are back in contact. Also, a distant cousin of mine (very distant - she's in Australia), contacted me after seeing my stuff on here. So cheers, Webmaister - thanks for a brilliant, entertaining site and for bringing family and friends together. Lang may yer lum reek.
Jul.2004, Marion McCaig, New York, USA
Glesga Pals" wis responsible fer me finding a long lost cousin, who ah hidnae seen since she wis a baby in her pram o'er 50 years ago, and ah met up wi' her when ah wis hame in Glesga last April. Aint it grand!
Jun.2004, Margaret Davies-Hale - nee Brown, England, UK
I came across this website by accident and couldn’t believe my eyes, I ended up on the computer all night, and it is great. Can’t wait to show my ma, she is 77 and was also born in Bridgeton. Keep up the great work.
Jun.2004, Rena Tennant, Glasgow, Scotland
this site is better than any anti depressant (for me) I'm addicted
May.2004, Linda Mathieson, Ayrshire, Scotland
I have only recently discovered this website, I don't know when I last laughed so much at the "Glesca Stories" or enjoyed looking at all the old photographs. It really is excellent! Well done!
May.2004, Peter Mackay, New Zealand
What it is about Scotland and all things Scottish that brings a lump to my throat? I have only to think about Glasgow Green, or the Arcadia Picture House, or the Barras and a nostalgic tear flows. I pore over Wull's website and lap up the goodies: the old black and white photographs, the old tenements with their rich character, and the tales and stories from my ain folk. Aye, my ain folk.
May.2004, Margaret Graham, South Africa
This site is "PURE DEAD BRILLIANT" Makes you really homesick. Scotland will always be my home. No nation has a sense of humour like the Scots. 
Apr.2004, Louise Carroll, Ontario, Canada
....Have recently found this site and enjoying it very much. So many memories of childhood days ......... At the moment I seem to be logging in every day and having a great laugh at the songs, stories etc. Keep up the good work.
Mar.2004, Tina Raghoobar nee Boyle, USA
Since discovering this website I can't tear myself away, I'll be going blind soon from staring at the screen
Mar.2004, Brenda Mclean, Australia
Thank you so much for all the hard work put into this excellent site. It has allowed me to take a trip down memory lane
Feb.2004, Duncan Lynch, New Zealand
Hi Wull Just been through two hundred pages and enjoyed every one I left glasgow in1949 at the age of 23 did not find any one i knew but will keep on trying. just to say thank you for the site
Feb.2004, Brian Hall, Nottingham, England, age 41-50
Spent my early childhood between Parkhead and Bridgeton favourite place and School was living in Carstairs St and Strathclyde Primary. Exiled in the land of Robin Hood now but go hame at least 3-4 times a year. Website is amazin. Feel like I'm a wean again and just found a lucky didgie.
Keep it up"
Feb.2004, Peter MacKay, New Zealand, age 41-50
Nice to see a site devoted to my home city. Been away for years - and suffered homesickness as a result. Thought I was 'smart', looking for rainbows, only to realise that Glasgow is the best place on earth. I was born in Bridgeton....
Feb.2004, Angus Begg, Aberdeen, Scotland, age 51-60
I have just finished going through GLESGA PALS.Both my mum and dad were born in the east end of Glasgow and often used to tell us about the poverty they endured as kids in the tenements of Bridgeton. However they both held a great sense of warmth and humour throughout their life and i often thought as i got older that this was created from their early years in the slums.  Your site is excellent!!!
Jan.2004, Nancy McLaren (nee Geddes), Canada
Just to let you know: I've found my friend after 35 years. Thank you so much. After all this time I had been looking in the wrong town. Appreciate your web site. I will add a few names to the Queen Mary St school pictures, as soon as I find my own picture, as I wrote some names on the back. I will be looking and hoping I hear from some more old pals, Thanks
Jan.2004, Deirdre Brown, California, USA, age 41-50
I love this site I was going to cook dinner but have been going through all the pages and it took forever. but heck if I canny hae fish n chips ! will order pizza!   Keep up the good work.
Nov.2003, Ina Woitassek, Australia, age 51-60
A fantastic site but then it is the work of a Glaswegian what else could we expect. The only problem is once on.... the hours go by and nothing else gets done!
Nov.2003, Raymond Ward, England, age 31-40
Love your site have come across it in a websearch looking for History about Glasgow's East End. I was looking for items which could be used to create learning material for my students to use. and to tell you that this site is full of personnel points that can not be found in any book. Great keep up the good work.
Nov.2003, name withheld  Canada,   
....hello Wull, please find enclosed a money order, towards your costs, which I send to you as a token of my appreciation for the wonderful forum you have provided  us Glaswegians with - thank you!  
Its a truly marvellous website and a source of much entertainment.....
Oct.2003, Irene MacPherson nee Stewart, Canada,  Age 61-70
....fantastic website just found it, read about it in one of the newspapers.... I've sent e-mails to friends to tell them about Glesca pals,.I've been sitting here for 6 hours, I'm so happy to have found you, I used to work on the buses, and just love the glesca patter, your site is just my cup of tea you brought so many happy memories. Keep up the great work Wull,.there's no place in the world like the Glesca people… this great site!
Oct.2003, May Raudenbush nee Curran, USA,  Age 51-60
What a geat web. This was recommended by my niece. What a gift to show our children instead of telling them stories I e-mailed this to them. My father was from Savoy St. my mother Pentland Place. Grew up in Carntyne. Spent a whole lot of time in Bridgeton more so the teenage years. 
My Da was a piper in the TA on Main St. Aren't memories the best. When people ask if you could go back to being a teenager again would you ? I say definitely. I had a great youth and enjoyed it. The laughter, ma pals. All the places we hung out at. All the Glesca humor plus sarcasm. 
Now come on every one where else can you find some one to give you that look and come straight to the point. And lets face it we Glesca folk can go all over the world and still be Gleswegians. We don't give our selves enough credit but then again we don't have too, we know who we are. 
Will, you have created a great site that has brought friends and family together and laughter back to many lifes. And isn't technology the bomb. Thank's for the MEMORIES as there are many.
Sept.2003, Marilyn Read, Adelaide, Australia,  Age 41-50
Dear Loving Webmaister Wull
Some people drink coffee to start their day, but I need my fix of the wonderful people on Board 2, so it's withdrawal symptoms for me.....You should be very proud of yourself for being the Webmaister of this great site. Marilyn xx
PS I'm thrilled to have received emails from Jim & Donna in Canada and yesterday Jimmy & Esther in NZ were 'talking' to me via email. I wouldn't have met these people if it hadn't been for your site.
Aug.2003, May Sutherland, Ontario, Canada,  Age 61-70
Hi Wull I must tell you about my reunion with two old friends, thanks to you printing a letter of mine, several months ago. I got an email from this lady saying her friend, in Vancouver, had forwarded my letter to her as she had worked in Templeton's the same time as myself & wondered if she knew me.
It turned out that she was the person who trained me in my job in 1950. Later, when I worked in the lab, her husband to be, worked beside me in the Time Study Dept. I introduced them to each other & we lost touch. They came to Canada in 1957..... us, in 1974. It turns out that they live only 10 minutes away from us!That was a lovely reunion, I've found a long lost friend, thanks to you.
Thank you, once again, for all your hard work, it's very much appreciated by all of us homesick Glaswegians.
Aug.2003, Ian Robertson, Vancouver, Canada,   
Wull, as Webmaister, you have earned the respect of all. I hope GlescaPals remains enjoyable for all its readers and that many more GlescaPals can contribute towards its success for years to come....
..... I think Wull will have to consider some sort of special recognition for those born and educated in Brig'ton. Like an OBE, Order of Bridgeton Eminence or the issue of a GlescaPals certificate that makes you an official MBE. Like Member o' Bridgeton's Elite. But of course, with some honorary membership for us outsiders!
Aug.2003, Helen Chalmers, Toronto, Canada,  Age 61-70
I am constantly amazed at the entries you receive from the four corners of the world.....It would seem that anyone born in Bridgeton has been blessed with a sixth sense..somewhat like homing pigeons.....No matter how far you travel from this  little piece of  real estate called Bridgeton you have an inborn instinct to return...whether it be by transportation, computer or just that longing in your heart....I doubt if any other part of the world can boast of such love and loyalty to their roots
Aug.2003, Therese, Glasgow   
"...Congratulations, year old! ......... In my opinion, still the best Glasgow web site I have ever come across!...."
Aug.2003, Jimmy Reid, Ontario, Canada,  Age: 61-70
"...the Bestest Wee Website in The Hale Wide World!!! Bar None!!! C'mon in an' Bide a ' While an' Gie's yurr 'crack'??"
Aug.2003, Marie Kearns (nee Blake) New York, USA  Age: 61-70 
" I love this website Wull. It brings back a lot of great memories (and a few tears!!!)."
July 2003, Catherine (nee Anderson)  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Age: 51-60 
" My cousin in Erskine told me of your website and I visited today for the first time. You can bet I will return, and often. What memories! ...... I am a very homesick Scot, even though I have lived in Canada for almost 46 years, and I absolutely love the old photographs and the history. ......
Oh  the old days seem wonderful don't they?"
June 2003,  May Garffer (nee Croly), San Juan, Puerto Rico.
"Webmaster,, I have been 'floating on air' since finding your website"
June 2003, Therese, Glasgow, Scotland, Age 41-50
"Absolutely one of the best Glasgow sites I have ever been on, was glad to have taken part in the craic from time to time! Awrabest, Lang may yer lum reek."
June 2003,  Jim McCafferty, New York, USA   Age 61-70
"I just can't get enough of this website, I get on it first thing in the morning and just forget the time thanks again Wull.What a great website thank-you for bringing me home and reuniting me with some old ghosts.For those of us born and raised in Bridgeton this website is " Pure Gold " Thank you Webmaister."
June 2003,  Sandra Wylie (nee Kinniburgh),  California, USA   Age 51-60
"brilliant web site I have laughed and cried today.."
May 2003, Robert Hay, Western Australia   Age 61-70
"Who created and maintains this Website? He should be given the Order of the Thistle!
You keep on browsing through the letters knowing that probably its going to be the next one where you'll recognise some familiar name. Thanks to Wilma Hattie (now in Canada) for letting me know of it. It must bring so many happy memories back to so many people all over the world."
May 2003, Marion Cookman (neeDick),  South Australia   Age 61-70
"Wull yi hiv a great site... jist wonderful"
May 2003, June Muddiman,  England   Age 51-60
"...I've laughed and cried with the memories and have got to applaud you on the 'Alternative memories' - Well done Webmaster and thanks for a great website."
May 2003, June MacWilliam,  BC, Canada   Age 51-60
"...I love this website and the clever Webmaster who puts it all together. I've now made email contact with three former classmates "
May 2003, Richard Sheehan,  Cape Town,  South Africa  Age 41-50
"I was thrilled to come across your website which brought back many memories. I often tell my daughter about the time I stayed in Glasgow with my two sisters in a single room house with a toilet outside for all to share and she just laughs at me and says that's impossible - now I can show her your site with the picture."
Apr.2003, Sally Hogg  Singapore,  Age: 41-50      "....enjoying browsing making myself homesick!"
Apr.2003, Margaret Ramey,  KY, USA, Age: 21-30
"Well I hid tae come back fir anither fit of laughing. My face is sore!!! The phrases cracked me wee granny still tells me hauf o them...mostly away an bile ye'r heid!!!"
Mar.2003, Danny McCowat,  N.S.W. Australia, Age: 51-60 
" Found your site through Daily Record, wish I had found it much sooner ITS THE BEST GLASGOW WEBSITE I've come across.  Keep up the good work on a brilliant site."
Mar. 2003, Bob Currie, Strathaven, Scotland 
having regard to your seeking remuneration for your work. I consider it justified. 
Initially, I glossed over the site and thought I could send a few kodak moments thinking, I suppose, that each of us was doing the other a favour. But of course I realise the time effort and skill that goes into a website such as you are presenting.   Well done! I wish I had the ability...
....There are no adequate words of appreciation on this site. Suffice to say 'fandabydozy'.
Feb.2003 Lesley Paterson, Buffalo, New York, USA.  Age 41-50 
"Oh my god I'm in 7th heaven.. 'o' British my heart still belangs tae Glasga."
                                                                WEBMASTER : nice to know I have put someone in 7th heaven!!
Feb.2003 Jim Jeffrey, St Albert, Alberta ,Canada, Age: 71-80 
".... Congratulations on an excellent site! 
You have captured the upsides, downsides (and the backsides?) of life in the east end of oor beloved Glesca".
Feb.2003 Betty ( nee Simpson) Davie. Toronto, Canada, Age: 61-70 
 "..... Thank-you Wull, for making this amazing web-site available to the many Glaswegians scattered around the world and awaking many wonderful memories of their childhood."
Jan 2003, Jim Thompson, East Kilbride, Scotland, Age: 71-80 
" Wull- I hope you realise this site has kept me out my bed for the last three hours, but then at my age what does it matter. Keep up the good work.
Jan.2003, Marion Hannah, Helensburgh , Scotland Age: 61-70 
" What a wonderful web site. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the memory page, bringing back, as if it was yesterday, all the memories of tenement living, school days, playing games, going to the steamy with your mother's washing, being scared of your teacher. I shed a few tears too for the days gone by where everything appeared to be so innocent. I will enjoy reading it often and perhaps coming across friends from the past. Thank you for that Best wishes Marion."
Dec. 2002, Margaret, Australia 
" I can understand the work you are putting into your site, and doing a great job, you can tell that you love it, it does come across......I don't know if you know the feeling that you give to people (especially ex patriots like myself). A friend told me about your site and when I went in, I was so absorbed and I got this wonderful warm feeling, just going back and reading the comments and to know that there are others all over the world who are trying to keep in touch, you are achieving this. it is my pleasure writing this to you Wull, you deserve the praise.
Nov. 2002, Betty Barbesin (nee Hudson), Ontario, Canada  
"Best website I have seen, and the pictures of the kids and the school are great.
I  left in 1967 to Canada...where I have been ever since....thanks a million webmaster for this fab site which I have now put into my favourites."
Oct. 2002, Joan Mercer ( nee Waugh ) Seattle, USA,  
"......I just found out about this website a few days ago, I have had so much fun looking at old pictures, and reading other people's memories, sure made me feel like 'GREETIN' when I stop to think, --- those days are gone and can never be relived.......Thank You! for this great website! ......Come on all you Glaswegians! lets make this the 'BESTEST ONE EVER'.....I hope this will open a new chapter in my life"  
Sept. 2002, Helen Chalmers, Toronto, Canada, Age 61-70    
"....Had a wander through your website with a few stops along the way for a wee bubble.... I was born in Springfield Road...just at Dalmarnock when I get homesick....I'll just go to this web site...thank you..." 
Aug. 2002, Betty Stites, Arizona, USA 
"I am an old ex pupil of Strathclyde Street and John Street Secondary School. I was beginning to give up hope that schools in this area were never showing up. I am delighted and find it very interesting as there are some people who are in my age group and reading their messages brought back a lot of memories. I have just returned from a visit to East Kilbride and made a sentimental tour of the area. So much has changed but they cannot take away the memories. I will be contacting some of the messages I have read.................again thanks for this wonderful website."
Aug. 2002, Jim Turnbull, East Kilbride, Scotland Age 49    
"Great website wee man!  The photos of Brigton and Dalmarnock just make the years roll back to great memories"



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