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 Masonic Lodges  

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 Lodge Kirkhill No.1230


Cambuslang is separated from Glesca's east-end by the River Clyde and boundaries onto Dalmarnock at the Dalmarnock Bridge. Many eastenders during the demolition of our tenements moved to the southside and still live in places like Cambuslang, Rutherglen, Burnside, Castlemilk, East Kilbride etc.

                 Lodge Kirkhill No.1230
meet Masonic Hall, 11-13 Tabernacle Lane, Cambuslang G72
                                    meetings 2nd Thursday's


Bro.John Morrison, RWM Lodge Kirkhill  1928-29
Photo provided by his Great Grandson, Colin Whitton   

John Cochran Morrison was initiated into Lodge Kirkhill at the age of 52  on 11th November 1920, he is registered as member no 35. Given the date of his initiation he would be one of several brethren initiated on the first regular meeting of the Lodge.
He was proposed by the first RWM, Benjamin McIntosh and the First Depute Master A Hutcheson.
John went on to be RWM of the Lodge in the year 1928-29.
When he joined the lodge in Nov.1920 his home address was Lochnacraig, Greenlees Road, Cambuslang.and he was a Leather Manufacturer at 123 Colvend Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow. 
                                                                   old 1914 street map of Bridgeton



Bro.Kenneth Wilson PM Lodge Kirkhill No.1230

I took this photo of Kenny (Holy Willie) in 2004
 at Cambuslang's Golf Club's Burns Supper.

He was President of
Bridgeton Burns Club
in 2008-2009






I took this photo on 16 Dec 2011 at Tabernacle Lane, Cambuslang
Members of Lodge Kirkhill No.1230



Anyone with information on the Masons in Glesca's east-end, please get in touch.



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