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Lodge Ballater, Glasgow No.1432

  Masonic Hall, Stevenson Street

 Lodge Ballater No.1432 website


Lodge Ballater, Glasgow No.1432
Installation programme from 4th Dec.1951 
This was sent to me by GlescaPal, Peter Scott now living in Canada. He was installed in his mother lodge into the office of sword bearer, 
the RWM was Joseph R McGilvray that day.

The Masonic Apron belonged to Peter's father who was a member since 1918 of Lodge the Gael No.609 
Peter had his Dad's apron modified to conform to the Ballater Lodge tartan.

GlescaPal Peter also fondly remembers attending The Lodge Glasgow No.3 bis. Memorium Service every December. It was a moving service conducted in the third and the names of deceased members were called individually and their aprons carried to the alter and placed there, after which a bugler sounded the last post.

The  Lambskin  Apron
It is not ornamental; its cost is not great,
There are things far more useful, yet truly I state
That of all my possessions none can compare
With the White Leather Apron, that all Masons wear.
As a young lad I wondered, just what it all meant,
When Dad hustled around, and so much time was spent
In shaving and dressing and looking just right.
Until Mother would say, it’s the Masons tonight.
Sometimes Mother would say, “Dad what makes you go,
Way up there tonight, through the sleet and snow;
You see the same things each night of the year.”
And then Dad would say, “Yes, I know my dear;
 Each time I see the same things, it is true,
Though they be old, they always seem new,
For each hand that I clasp, each friend that I greet
 Seem just a little closer, each time that we meet.
Years later I stood at that very same door,
With good men and true, who had entered before,
Kneeled at the Altar, and there I was taught.
That Virtue and Honour can never be bought.
That there on the level, men meet and abide..
That wealth and position, is all cast aside.
So Honour the Lambskin, and may it remain,
Forever, untarnished, and free from all stain.
So that when we are called to the Grand Architect’s Love
 We will meet him up there, in that Grand Lodge above.


Anyone with information on the Masonic Order in Glesca's east-end, please get in touch.



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