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  GlescaPal  Frankie Miller

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Brigton boy Frankie Miller


    John McEnroe          Frankie Miller            Vitas Geralitus
This was taken in the late eighties. John McEnroe had just won the mens singles, and the mens doubles with Peter Fleming at the Queen's Club. McEnroe likes to relax after tournaments by having a "Jam" with musicians, Frankie was singing with his "band" This photie was taken with John McEnroe and the late Vitas Geralitus. 
                                                                                                                                                                    photos GlescaPal Ronnie Crumlin


John McEnroe jam session with Vetas Gerulaitis, Chrissie Stewart, Ronnie Mann & Frankie Miller




Frankie on guitar wi his pal Ronnie Crumlin, Billy Connelly and friends 
This was taken at Peter McDougall's (Award winning Scottish playwriter, "Just a Boys Game" " Just Another Saturday" ) New year party in Primrose Hill in the early eighties,
Billy Connelly is the guitar rest.


Peter McDougall wi GlescaPal roniecrumlin (Frankie's tour manager)






A "Drunken Night in the City" when "The Bottle of Whiskey Won"




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