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1.  Glesca wean 2. Glasgow Lullaby 3. Glesca Party 4. Lucky Middens 5. Blue 'n Green


by Cathleen Sweeney
Ah wis born an bred in Glesca,  Aye, Glesca is ma hame,
Bein' brought up in a tenement, Made me a typical wean.
We didnae hiv much money.So ma mammy went oot tae work
An' when Ah hid oan ma Sunday claes
Ah dareny play in the durt.
Ah didnae hiv very many toys Like the weans a, hiv the day,
Ma pals were happy girls an, boys Wi lots o' games tae play.
We played at ,cowboys an, indians, We played at ,hide an, seek
When we counted tae 100 nice an, fast
An' ye wirnae allowed tae peek.
Then we,d tie some string through two tin cans
An' we,d put them oan oor feet
An' stomp like something frae outer space
Right up an, doon oor street.
There wis ,doublers, ,ropes, an kick the can,
We played 'rounders, roon the back
Then we'd sit oan toap o' the midden
Tellin' ghost stories till it goat dark.
We'd walk tae the Pictures Matinee Oan a Setterday afternoon,
Where a man came oot tae make usa'sing
An wave hankies in time tae the tune.
We booed an, cheered at the Westerns,
The Three Stoogies made us a, laugh,
Then came the cartoons - Mickey Mouse an, Popeye -
Tae make up the hours an, a half
We ate toffee apples an,candy cakes
An chewed oan liquorice sticks,
Soor plooms that pul't yir jaws right in,
Dry wafers - a penny for six.
We read the Beano an, Dandy, Oor Wullie an' The Broons,
We even hid back court concerts, Tap dancin, tae popular tunes.
In this rhyme Ah,ve tried tae turn back the clock
Tae aboot forty-odd years ago,
Tae paint a picture o, whit life wis like
For a wean in old Glasgow.
When there wisnae a word like junkie
An naebody that Ah knew sniffed glue,
Today Ah jist cannae help thinkin,-
Whit,s happenin,tae Glesca weans noo?

anither version author unknown

A Glesca' Wean

Ah wis born an' bred in Glesca'
Aye, Glesca' is ma hame
Bein' brocht up in a tenement
made me a typical Glesca' Wean

Ah didnae hae very many toys
Like the weans a' hiv the day
Ma pals were happy girls an' boys
An' there wis lots o' games tae play

We'd play at 'Cowboys an' Indians'
We played at 'Hide an' seek'
When we coonted tae 100 nice an' fast
An' ye wirnae allowed tae peek.

Then we'd tie some string thre' two tin cans
An' we'd put them oan oor feet
An' stomp like Dracula's Monster
Right up an' doon oor street

There wis 'Doublers', 'Ropes' an' 'Kick the can'
We played 'Rounders' roon the back
The we'd sit oan toap o' the midden
Tellin' Ghost Stories 'til it got dark

We'd walk tae the Picture Matinee
Oan a Seturday efternoon
Where a man came oot tae make us a' sing
An' wave hankies in time tae the tune

But even tho' we hidnae Dolls
like Barbie or like Sindy
Ye could shout up tae yer Maw fer a piece oan Jam
an' she'd Throw it oot the windae!
(by Eric Bogle)

Hush wee babby for your daddies comin in
Stumblin up the stairs and missin every yin
Rotten wae beer and stinkin o gin
He's drunk again, as usual.

Oh my god, it's a weary weary life
Who wid be a drinkin man's wife
Who wid thole a this trouble and strife
Who but a silly woman.

Hush wee babby he's comin in the door
Drunkin big feet skitin ower the floor
He's had a bucket but he's thirstin for more
He disnae ken when he's beaten.

Hush wee babby listen tae him sittin there
Wi his bloodshot eyes and his tangled hair
Mooth fu o big talk and eyes fu o dispair
And blamin me as usual.

Hush wee babby yer daddies gone tae bed
The morn he'll no remember a the things he said
But his tongue was sharp and a the wounds they bled
But then a'm used tae bleedin.

Hush wee babby close yer weary eyes
Cuddle intae mammy and stop yer tired crys
And in the mornin when ye decide tae arise
Yer mammy will be here waitin.
3.  A Glesca Party
by Chrissie Barr

Gei's a song, ach no' the noo.
Whit's wrang hen? that's no like you.
Ah'm jist no ready, ah canny think
mibye a need some mair tae drink.

"Gei hur annurrer" wis the command
then she'll sing tae beat the band
Efter a few, poured withoot measure
she says "cum oan noo, name yer pleasure"

Whit's it tae be? ah'll sing whit ye want.
she wis confident she could chant.
Is it Rabbie, Shirley ur Lena Martell?
this lassie wis said tae hiv a voice like a bell.

By this time folk wur gettin' fed up wi the patter
Fur Christ's sake sing, it disny matter.
If she disnt sing, ah'll no borra
see ah'm up fur ma wurk re morra.

The lassie finally stood up,
drinkin' Lanny fae a china cup.
Hur song wis long bit no' forgotten
She could sing nane, -- she wis BLIDDY ROTTEN !!!

remember nights jist like that when a wiz a wee lassie.
aw ra Best GlescaPal Nell



When ah wis a wean, wan o the enduring legends o childhood wis
The Lucky Middens. Aw sortsa wonderful things wur supposed
tae be found therr. Here's a wee poem aboot them.
Written by GlescaPal TammyTroot


Faur tae the West by shoogly tram
oan the road tae Tir Nan Og,
afore the Big Rock Candy Mount,
in a land o mist an fog
known jist tae weans,
where dreams come true,
a secret place lies hidden,
where aw the rubbish is brand new.
It's cawed the Lucky Middens.

The bins therr ur aw sparklin bright.
They're washed an scoored oot every night
by teams o midgie men in suits
white as the snaw, wi shinin boots.
The middens ur aw wally tiled,
wi pokes an parcels neatly piled
row efter row, like buildin bricks,
fur every wean tae take their pick.

Cowboay hats, cricket bats, dinky toys, guns,
boaxes o choclits, sweeties an buns.
Real leather fitbas, peeries wi whips,
pea shooters, train sets - a real lucky dip.

Faur tae the West by shoogly tram
in the Land o Heart's Desire,
beside the hill where time stauns still,
an Truth's the only liar,
seek by the light o childhood dreams
fur the secret place that's hidden.
Where aw the rubbish is brand new.
It's cawed the Lucky Middens.

POSTED by GlescaPal JR

Summ urr Blue an' summ urr Green!
summ F' the Pope an' summ The Queen!
Bit dae ah' care? dae a gie a a 'jot?'
Do ah' care? ah' do not!!

If ah' wis in 'the clink' th'night?
wid either wan bring me a bite?
If ah' wis trapped in a 'mental jail'
wid wan or th'ither make me 'hale'?
When chips urr doon' an' comfort due,
'yoo'll noa find peace in Green or Blue

Ah've walked a lonely road in life,
hurt ma wains, destroyed ma wives
ah've' needitt somewhere safe tae be
an' cried oot furr ma mammy's knee
an thoatt ah'd reached ma final hour
tae ah' gave masell tae ma Higher Power!

Oh' whit a blessin' ah' hae funn
an' it wisnae in a Fitba Grunn'
An' noa ahint an auld flute 'baun'
bit when ah' reached furr "Ma Daddy's Haun"

So, sittin' here at ma wee desk
ah' wish yese Peace, ah' wish yese Rest
an' pray th'day, yurr worries? few!
Ah'll share ma "Higher Power' wae yoo!

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