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James Watt

Dassie Green, Greenhead Street, Bridgeton                                                               Page 2

Jan.2003 ..... photograph of the 'headless' James Watt statue prior to its removal for restoration work


Graciela Ainsworth Sculpture Conservation,  21 July 2005  ( website )
Dear sir, I have found your web site very interesting, in particular the early image of James Watt, I am at present involved in carrying out some of the conservation work to the actual Statue of James Watt and would really value seeing a good copy of the early image with head and hands etc intact.Please could you contact me to let me know if this is possible.Looking forward to hearing from you.Kind regards Graciela

I was delighted to hear from the company who were given the task of restoring the James Watt statue to its former glory. I sent them 3 photos but they weren't any better photos than the ones they had, however I wished them well and told them........ "I'd be interested in receiving photographs from yourself showing the various stages of the restoration work which I'd put on my website......."    Unfortunately they never kept in touch nor sent me any photos.
The statue however has been restored ... see photos below & page3.


The James Watt statue at its new home outside the Peoples Palace



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