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my brother James Irvine McArthur Born 4th Aug 1952,  brought up as Jim Lewis at 80 Reid Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.   Died 29th Nov 2007

                                  Child James Irvine McArthur
# On my mother's death we were hit by a 'bombshell' when Dad called us all together to tell us about our "family skeleton."  Our cousin Jim Lewis was in fact our brother, born 4th Aug.1952 and brought up by my granny's sister Robina Lewis.  Apparently all the family except  my two sisters and I knew of this, to find out on your mother's death and at 41 yrs old that you have a brother was devastating. I contacted Jim and asked him to meet me but he had known since he was 16yrs old and would rather that things remained as they were, that is be my cousin.  
No further contact was made.......unfortunately.

Sadly on 29 Nov.2007 my brother Jim died aged 55yrs of hypertension and heart disease at his home no.5 Dunkeld Street, Glasgow G31. He never married.
I never did get to know him...... R.I.P. big brother.
 Mother with baby Jim, taken Glasgow Green, Aug.1952
   how happy and proud she looks, aged 21yrs


newspaper cutting

29th November 2007  .........  yes I lost my brother Jim that evening, a brother I never really had.
55 years ago when he was born in Aug.1952 my Ma and Da gave him to an auntie tae look after whilst they worked.  In May 1952 they married and Jim was born in August, I was then born over a year later in Dec 1953.
Jim was never returned to them ... how, why, where, or when I'll never know.
I found out on the day of my Mother's funeral in 1995, when I was 41 yrs old that a 'cousin' I had known as Jim Lewis was actually my big brother..... Jim McArthur.
I contacted him that week and told him I had just found out the truth, he had known since he was 16yrs old .... he never replied to my letter and later when I met him he didn't want to get involved.... he was 'my cousin'.
However tonight Friday 7th December 2007 I found out something different.
I received a call around 8.00pm tonight from a cousin she had heard from a neighbours mother that Jim was found dead last week.. was it oor Jim and did I know anything about it?  I knew nothing.
I called the police and told them my 'cousin' Jim Lewis was found dead last week and no relatives had been informed. I gave the officer his address, he told me he would check it up and call me back. A long ten minutes later the phone rang... the policeman told me a body had been found at that address but did I have the wrong name, as the man found was not known as Jim Lewis? I offered McArthur as the name the policeman said yes a James McArthur was found dead on 29th Nov. !! He asked if I knew the date of birth I told him 4 Aug 1952. "The body we have matches all those details" he said "And it looks like it is indeed your 'cousin'." I asked if any relatives had been traced he couldn't tell me but asked me to call the police admin on Monday morning.
Eileen and I immediately drove over to Jim's house, I chapped a neighbours door explained I was Jim Lewis's cousin.. she looked puzzled and said do you mean Jim McArthur? I never knew he was using his real name as all the family all my life have called him Jim Lewis.

I explained he was brought up by an aunt Lewis and the family called him by that name.... but really I was shocked.
The neighbour explained that the light had been on for a few days and all was very quiet, her husband finally went to check and found him dead in the house.

I am so unhappy he never wanted to get to know me. Speaking to the Lewis/McLean family tonight they were shocked to be told that their 'uncle Jim' was dead and probably more shocked to hear it from me.
Sadly I found out this evening just how much Jim and I had in common .. he loved computers, he played the guitar and flute, was a member of the masons and loved his nephews and nieces.
His 'sister' our (2nd cousin Lily Mclean nee Lewis) died last year and he never got over that, she was his last link to the Lewis family.
A brother who I never really knew spurned the chance to let us get to know each other and I am very very sad and, yes and upset he died alone when we could have done so much together.

 His funeral took place at Daldowie Crematorium at 9.15 on Saturday 15th Dec. 2007

I have since found out that Jim discovered he was not Jim Lewis but Jim McArthur when he was 16yrs old and starting work at Yarrows the ship builders. I found out when I was 41yrs old. Jim chose not to tell me, he in fact I think thought that I had known.  However I intend to celebrate my brother's life on this website and post some photos. My thanks goes to my cousins Joan Weir nee McLean and Billy McLean, for all theri help.


As I mentioned earlier Jim was brought up by my great aunt Beana & great uncle John Lewis as their 'son'


Jim with my great aunt Beana

Smashing photos these




Jim at the Glasgow Green .

and with baby .
Joan McLean
 taken .
Feb 1956




 Jim with Joan Mclean.



    Just over 3 yrs separated them
    and they were always close.





Jim in Spain 1972
sampling the local brew !!!

He was a talented musician and
played the guitar and flute.


 in 1982 Jim became a member of Lodge Glasgow at Glasgow No.441
 who meet at Stevenson Street Masonic Hall, near the Barras.


 Jim on holiday with his best pal Billy Murdoch and his wife Sandra.

   Jim was very close to Billy and Sandra and often went on family holidays with them and latterly he shared Christmas with them every year.
   This photo was taken in Benidorm Spain, Sept.97.



Jim in Benidorm, Spain

Jim was a lifelong
bluenose and loved going to watch
the famous Glasgow Rangers.

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