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McArthur family tree back to 17?? and the Isle of Islay, Argyll , Scotland

My Great Grandad Donald McArthur, born a twin in Nov.1849 from Isle of Islay, came to Glasgow married Rosann Rodgers on 31st.Dec.1875 and had 8 children. Seven girls and then at last a son....my Grandad, Donald McArthur.

My Dad, James Irvine McArthur in his 70th year could only remember two of the girls names, his aunts  Nelly & Gracie McArthur, who married and remained in Scotland. 

The other five girls, he reckons, emigrated far and wide...America, Canada, South Africa. 
All contact has been lost.

However after some research I have traced all of the girls names  births and the McArthur family tree back to before 1770 and the Isle of Islay.. 

My Granda  Donald McArthur was born

29th Oct. 1890 in Cathcart, Glasgow, Scotland.


This picture, taken in central Glasgow at the River Clyde,
 shows a Tennents steam engine lorry with its four man crew.


Donald, a brewers drayman, is standing extreme right as you view the picture.




See my Granda Donald's bible

WHITELAW  (see Whitelaw family tree )

My Granny Mary Whitelaw was the oldest of 5 children.

She had two sisters Marion and  Lizzie and two brothers, Johnnie and Willie Whitelaw.

Lizzie married Willie McLean and looked after my Dad after the death of his parents.

Mary's brother, Johnnie was a corporal in the 6th Labour company in the 1st World War and died aged 26 on 29th July 1919  

Mary Whitelaw the young girl on the right born 14th June 1889 at 10 Dyers Lane, Glasgow married Donald McArthur.

Girl in the middle is the famous music hall singer Eadi Haley who had the hit song  "Why did you make me care" Unfortunately I have no idea who the other girl is.

Donald McArthur aged 33 working as a carter,  married Mary a charwoman aged 34 on 2nd.Feb.1923 they lived in Glasgow and had five children all lived in their tenement flat in No.7 Ingram Street, Glasgow :

Elizabeth McArthur 1922

Donald McArthur born 1924  
Grace McArthur born 1926

William Whitelaw McArthur born 1928

James Irvine McArthur my Dad born 1931

They moved house to 80 Reid Street in 1936/38

Mary McArthur died at Christmas 1948 on the 28th December, tragically
Donald McArthur
died a fortnight later on 12th January 1949.

My Dad's mother Mary McArthur died at Christmas 1948 when my Dad (James McA) was only 17yrs old, the youngest of the five children.
When the family lived in 80 Reid Street, Bridgeton I received an email from GlescaPal Isobel McInnes in Sydney Australia in 2008 who told me that my granny (Mary McArthur) helped deliver her wee sister who was then named after her.....Mary McArthur McInnes
I was very proud when a read Isobel's email and at the same time very sad - ah had a tear in my eye - thinking that I never ever met my Granny Mary McArthur.
I've asked Isobel if she can tell me how her sister Mary is getting on and where she lives and has she any photies.
Isobel also said.. "Webbie I always remember my Mammy saying that yer Granda died wi a broken heart after your Granny went. Mary my sister still lives in Barrhead to this day. She has been to Oz quite a few times last being December 2008 just as I was movin to this house. Another thing about my sister Mary when she turned Catholic my Mammy said strange Mary McArthur that your called after was a Catholic as well. You of course Webbie would know whether thats true or not. My Grannie McInnes from 43 Dale Street jist lived long enough to see my first born that was in 1956."   Webmaister: Yes I believe Donald and Mary was a mixed marriage and their children went to Protestant schools.


                               Mary McArthur,  Lizzie 
                 Donald,       William
                       Grace                 Bessie         Donald   
Don't know where this photograph was taken but it shows Donald & Mary with their 4 children ( my Dad James not born yet)
Grandad Donald McArthur with his daughter Grace on his knee
Next to him my  Granny Mary McArthur holding baby William, with Bessie hiding from the camera and Donald on some aunt's knee holding his face.
The lady wearing the bonnet is Mary's sister, Lizzie Whitelaw, the others in the picture are probably relatives, but we can't identify them.

Their five children :-

Elizabeth (Bessie) Aunt Betty born 21st Sept 1922, married Jim Wareing and spent her married life on the Island of Jersey, UK.  Six children.....Barbara, Sandie, Heather, Denise, Gerry & Nigel
Donald (Squire) born 13th April 1924 married twice had four children: Mary, Donald, Elizabeth, James & one stepson John McDonald. Donald died from a house fire in Glasgow on18th October 1987 aged 63 yrs.
Grace born 25th Feb1926, died of meningitis in 1944 aged 18yrs.
William (Wassell) born 1st April 1928 had two children William and Caroline. Wassell died 14 Feb1995
James  (Jimmy) My Dad, born 15th Mar 1931 married Nessie Evans in May 1952

Baby James McArthur

William, Donald, Grace & Bessie McArthur

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