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My Da
.....James Irvine McArthur ( Jimmy )                                                                 

                   Born 15th March 1931, 7 Ingram Street, Townhead, Glasgow
Died 02:30am 30th Jan 2009, at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Ward 6 

My Ma ...Agnes Evans ( Nessie )                                                                                         
Born 3:30pm, 28th April 1931, at  89 Walkinshaw St., Bridgeton, Glasgow
                   Died 11:30am 14th June 1995, at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

                               Memorial Headstone
                      at Rutherglen Cemetery
(section V381)
Rutherglen Cemetary V381


Nessie Evans
20yrs old. 
July 1951. 

McArthur family tree

Evans family tree

great granddaughter Lucy
striking resemblance,
(June 2011 aged 5¾)

Lucy born 31 Aug 2005


Nessie (Agnes Evans) brought up in a single-end at 89 Walkinshaw St, Bridgeton attending Dalmarnock Primary School then
Bernard Street Secondary School. Eldest sister to brother William (Sonny) and step-brother Hugh Lavery.
She was a tailors machinist and worked as a machinist for all of her working life, latterly in Gelfers factory, Bridgeton. 
She married James McArthur in 1952 living at 80 Reid St., 202 Baltic Street then 74 Fairbairn St. Bridgeton.
When Bridgeton tenements were being demolished in the early 1970's the family finally moved house to Auchenshuggle. Sadly died aged 64 in 1995.

My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer in May 1995 and endured a weeks intensive chemotherapy at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
She was allowed home on the Friday, I left her house late Friday evening then was called to be told she had been rushed back to the Royal having taken a massive stroke.
She never managed to speak again and was in the hospital for a month before passing away on 14th June, My Da, Janice and myself were with her in her last hours.
A wonderful person and mother, dearly missed. 

Jimmy born in 7 Ingram Street, Glasgow.
Attended Dovehill & Rumford primary schools  then Bernard Street secondary school
He was a cabinetmaker's helper when he got married, then he worked on the railways at Polmadie Yard in Glasgow,
before finally moving to the building trade as a Cement Finisher with McDougalls & sons.
He served with the Royal Artillery  1949-50, Malaya being one of the postings

Keystane Bar Bridgeton
Photo taken in Keystane Bar, Bridgeton in 2003. Salvation Army man Eric with
Jimmy McArthur (nicknamed the General) and his pal Bobby Boyle (nicknamed Gunner)

     My Da was rushed to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary on Saturday 3rd Jan.09 His kidneys had failed and he had a chest infection.
The doctors managed to get the kidneys working again but sadly his lungs and heart never recovered. His final few weeks were in ward 6 and I can't praise the nursing staff enough.
The family had been informed that his illness was terminal and the ward was open to us 24/7 during which my Da was given tender care, comfort and kept spotlessly clean in very difficult circumstances until he died on Friday 30th January 2009.   Auld Jimmy will be missed.

My Da's cortege passed 'the toll' for the last time on Wed.4th Feb as we headed eastwards
from Taylor Bros. funeral parlour to Daldowie Crematorium.

Music played as we carried in the coffin : 'The Old Man'
Lovely service conducted by Rev.Peter Davidge from St.Thomas Gallowgate Church ... hymn chosen was my Ma's favourite Abide with Me :
Eulogy :

James Irvine McArthur ( Jimmy )    Born 15 March 1931   The youngest of five children.

He attended Dovehill & Rumford primary schools then Bernard Street secondary school
He was a cabinetmaker's helper when he got married, then he worked on the railways at Polmadie Yard in Glasgow, before finally moving to the building trade as a Cement Finisher with McDougalls & sons.
He served  with the Royal Artillery  1949-50, Malaya being one of the postings.

Married Nessie Evans, 23 May 1952 
4 children : Jim (dead), William, Linda & Janice

6 grandchildren : Alan, Iain, John, Tracey, Lindsey & Stephen
6 great-grandchildren : Kiara, Lucy, Charlie, Lewis, Aaron, Kairo

Lived in Bridgeton most of his life before the family flitted to Auchenshuggle when the tenements were being demolished. 

(Sadly Nessie  died on 14 Jun 1995 and he never ever got over her death, she was constantly in his thoughts)

Weekends for Jimmy (knicknamed ‘The General’ ) were spent socialising with his cronies in Walkers Bar and then latterly The Keystane until 5 years ago, when due to illness he became housebound. Special mention must go to his old pal Bobby Boyle who visited him every week, a visit Jimmy looked forward to. If Bobby couldn’t visit he always phoned… a good pal.
Jimmy’s house was adorned with photos of all his family – a family he treasured – though typical Glasgow man, he didn’t like to show emotion, but we all saw and knew how proud he was of his family.  However you daren’t telephone or visit him during ‘Deal or No Deal’ or he would chase you! He was an ardent fan of this programme and even copied down all the numbers looking for the magic sequence!

At family Ne’erday parties in the old tenements Jimmy was the life and soul and had everyone up singing and dancing, he liked to enjoy himself.

Sadly he took ill on 3rd Jan – problem with his lungs and heart.  Died 30 Jan 2009 ( Glasgow Royal Infirmary ward 6 )
The family would like to thank the staff at Ward 6, Glasgow Royal Infirmary for the tender care they gave him during his illness. Thank all friends and family for their messages of support and for coming along this morning. A buffet has been arranged at Bridgeton Cross and all are welcome.

Music played as we left the crematorium : from PiggeryBrae 'The Glesca song'  
Then as he requested back tae Brigton for his farewell drink and buffet. .......RIP Faither

James McArthur married  (Agnes) Nessie Evans  
23rd May 1952 in Bridgeton, Glasgow

#  4 children  all born in Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland UK

William Evans McArthur born 26th December 1953
Linda McArthur born 22nd September 1955
Janice McArthur born 24th July 1963
              Child James Irvine McArthur
# On my mother's death we were hit by a 'bombshell' when Dad called us all together to tell us about our "family skeleton."  Our cousin Jim Lewis was in fact our brother, born 4th Aug.1952 and brought up by my granny's sister Robina Lewis.  Apparently all the family except  my two sisters and I knew of this, to find out on your mother's death and at 41 yrs old that you have a brother was devastating. I contacted Jim and asked him to meet me but he had known since he was 16yrs old and would rather that things remained as they were, that is be my cousin.  
No further contact was made.......unfortunately.

Sadly on 29 Nov.2007 my brother Jim died aged 55yrs of hypertension and heart disease at his home no.5 Dunkeld Street, Glasgow G31. He never married.
I never did get close to him...... R.I.P. big brother.
 Mother with baby Jim, taken Glasgow Green, Aug.1952
   how happy and proud she looks, aged 21yrs

'The Toll'

....born and there I spent my formative years

I was born in 80 Reid Street, we then moved to a single-end in 202 Baltic Street, where Linda was born.

This was a tenement one apartment house in the close with an outside toilet. The apartment had a bed recess, which housed a double bed where the four of us slept, a walk-in cupboard called a scullery, where the cooker was and a sink  at the window. Being young children we thought nothing of it and my memories are fond ones.

We then moved round the corner to No.74 Fairbairn Street two storeys up, a two bedroom house with an inside  toilet. Janice was born in this house.

Baths in those days were in a tub or the sink then later on we went to the steamy in Ruby Street which had rows and rows of public baths, big brushes and green/pink carbolic soap

At No.74 I had my own bedroom, Linda and Janice shared the other bedroom.
Ma & Da slept in the bed recess in the living room, the living room also had a sink and a scullery which housed the cooker.

Dalmarnock Rd looking north towards Bridgeton Cross. The street opposite, on the right is Fairbairn St.

In the late sixties early seventies all the tenements around us were being demolished, a sad time as all our friendships were destroyed as pals and neighbours were rehoused and moved to new housing in outlying places like Castlemilk, Sandyhills, Govan, we moved to Auchenshuggle.  


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