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CD production & artwork

Willie Evans, the cousin of PiggeryBrae flute/whistle player produced our CD in his studio and designed all the artwork.
Willie, Glasgow born but now living in Livingston is a fine musician & songwriter in his own right. He has a very successful country music disco. We are all indebted to him for the outstanding work he has done producing our first CD.without him this would never have happened 



PiggeryBrae - 4 Live bonus tracks

12 Massacre of Glencoe  (McLean)  
13 Wee Room  (trad)  
14 Killiecrankie  (trad)  
15 Wild Mountain Thyme  (trad)  

 PiggeryBrae - left to right

Alastair MacFarlane

lead vocals, guitar 

William.McArthur [Wull] vocals, flute, whistles, webmaister 
Ian Robb  vocals, fiddle, mandolin
Jim Ferguson [Fergi] vocals, guitar, bodhran

Click on the player to hear excerpts

    Lead vocals, Alastair except where otherwise stated

1 Rose of Allandale  (trad)  
2 Liberty  (Weir/Williamson)  
3 No Man's land  (Bogle)  
4 Rolling Hills of the Borders  (McGinn)  
5 Four Strong Winds  (Tyson)    sung by Fergi  
6 Fiddler's Green  (J. Connolly)  sung by Fergi  
7 I wish I was in Glasgow  (W.Connolly) sung by Wull  
8 Yellow on the Broom  (McNaughton)  
9 Jock O' Hazeldean  (trad)  sung by Ian  
10 Gallowa Hills  (trad)  
11 Scots wha hae  (Burns)  


Recorded at Elmwood Studio, Livingston, Scotland.

    Mastered by Bill Matthews at Windhill Studios, Waterfoot, Glasgow 

Extra Guitar on "Jock o' Hazeldean" by Gavin Brightwell

Additional instrumentation, programming, photography and CD artwork by Willie Evans.

  (proceeds go to charity)


can be purchased at our gigs
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Hear yer webmaister (flute & vocals) sing  I wish I was in Glasgow  full version

note - 4Mb MP3 file best download with broadband ( my version I slightly altered words to personalise it )



my wee cousin  
William Evans 10 yrs

He was also a fitba player


CD Reviewed by the Washington DC radio disc jockey (& GlescaPal) John McLaughlin 

This CD, of traditional and original music by a quartet of friends from the Glasgow suburb of Cambuslang, opens with a rousing rendition of "The Rose of Annandale," with vocals by the four members (Jim Ferguson, Alistair MacFarlane, Will McArthur, and Ian Robb, alphabetically), and this is followed by a plaintive "Liberty," again with a rousing chorus to sing along with. This is followed by a lovely version of "No Man's Land," the song many may know best sung by Eric Bogle; he would be impressed by what Piggerybrae do with it.

"The Rolling Hills of the Boarders" follows, then "Four Strong Winds," and the anthemic "Fiddler's Green," a wish-fulfilling old salts' song, before we get to what is, for me personally, the highlight of the CD, the exiles' lament, "I Wish I Was in Glasgow," which can bring tears to the eyes of Scotsmen in our international diaspora from Australia to South Africa, the US, New Zealand and Canada. It closes with the hushed line, "Glesga Pals!" uttered by Will McArthur, the web-master for the elaborately-developed discussion board of that name (of which the present writer is a proud member - try it, you'll love it!

Four traditional songs follow, "Yellow on the Broom," "Jock o' Hazeldean," "The Gallawa' Hills" (sung in march tempo), and Rabbie Burns' "Scots What Hae," introduced by a spoken word recitation of the story behind the song." This concludes the in-studio part of the recording, 11 songs in total. These are followed by four live cuts, recorded at Trinity St Paul's Church in Cambuslang, Sept 14, 2005, as the notes inform us.

The powerful story of Scottish hospitality betrayed by fellow Scots in clan warfare, "The Massacre of Glencoe," is followed by a wonderful, comic singalong, "The Wee Room," the congregation rumbling along, as Fergie instructs them in how to drop their posh, suburban pronunciation patterns, and get back tae bein' right Glesga fowk - "Wherrr," he tells them, "Wherrr - it's no' "Where"! And they laughingly oblige by dropping their Sunday best and getting intae the Glesga spirit. (Ye hiftae watch that aroon GlesgaPals...).

"Killiecrankie," the story of one of Scotland's great battles, follows, and the album closes with a beautiful "Wild Mountain Thyme," introduced by Will's lovely flute solo, and with a hushed, swaying audience singing gently along.

A near-perfect CD, recorded initially to support the quartet's charity work in churches and old folks homes in and around Glasgow - the CD's profits all go to charity - this can be obtained through the band's website, and is well worth its very moderate price. A great value, and highly recommended.

- John McLaughlin, Editor, www.thedigitalfolklife.org - where this review appears.



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