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Ah belang tae Glasgow.........by John McBarron



John McBarron
was born in 1928 into a family that fared no better than others in the poverty-stricken East End of Glasgow. As was the fate of many he failed to escape the scourge of the tenements, tuberculosis, and was hospitalised in Mearnskirk sanatorium at the age of three. After four years of cosseted treatment he emerged into the bleak world that was the tenement culture of Bridgeton.

       SADLY the Author John McBarron
                DIED on 1st Jan 2015

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Ah B'lang tae Glasgow
 He grew up in the shadow of the Celtic Football Club whose success in those early years helped to relieve the stress of the pervasive poverty. 

His parents, who had gleaned a living from street hawking from a barrow, were now the owners of a small general store (the wee shop) just down the road from Celtic Park. 

This was the centre of his early life where he was exposed first-hand to the pain of the community trying to make ends meet via the pawn shop...............


The book hit Glasgow high streets in September 2004 and by December 2004 almost sold out!!!
second edtion of 'Ah B'lang tae Glasgow' is available and John's second book
'Glasgow leave of absence' is also now available, June 2008
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Ah belang tae Glasgow,  2nd edition

                ISBN 9780954762612 




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    PURCHASE  Glasgow leave of absence .... by John McBarron  


.......... relates the author's right of passage in Glasgow's East End. 
Emerging after 4 years of treatment in the years leading up to World-War II, all of the gritty reality, violence, yet indefatigable humour that is woven into the "Glesga" cultural fabric is portrayed faithfully. 
In the not too distant world that had no television and little radio, "ra peepul" relied on their own self-made entertainment, the occasional cinema trip but especially the weekly tribal battles know as the 'fitba' and 'ra dancin''.  Alternately moving and laugh-out-loud funny, the author perfectly conveys the mood of the times and the character and spirit with which every Scot can identify.


Welcome tae GLESCAPALS John....June 2004 

John McBarron   'Ah b'lang tae Glasgow' author

GlescaPals webmaister :- "Well pals ah hiv met John and he has a tale tae tell, wonderful stories about an era long gone, never tae return, but brought back tae life in this book.  Glesga folk, pals wi' an appetite for reading aboot hame wull luv it."
John Paton, Perth, Australia, 
Webmaister I received my signed copy of Ah b’lang tae glasgow only read first chapter so far but you can tell it’s going to be good. Thanks for putting me on to it………

Josie, California, USA
...I am sending this from Coronado California in regards to Ah B,lang tae Glasgow , it is a wonderful book and would ask all who like to read to order this book ,it is so well written you feel as if it was you going through all that happened in the author's life. I've just finished reading it and I couldn't put it down it was such a great book
 I was just wishing it would have gone on and let us know how the rest of his life progressed so I hope he writes another book as a continuation of this one, I do not know the writer so I am just giving my opinion on it ..................... All The Best to my GlescaPals /////////// 



John McBarron's


Ah B'lang tae Glasgow

Ah Belang tae Glasgow

Glasgow Leave of Absence

Glasgow leave of absence




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