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  Schools of Glesca   Get your very own class photo webpage !


School Photos
Get your school photo and lifetime entry in the GlescaPals website

GlescaPals website is designed and maintained by myself from my home PC.

Designing webpages, uploading photographs, adding or amending text, takes time, effort and skill.
So pals, if you want something added to the website,
please contribute by sending a small donation to help towards my costs..
Get your l
ifetime honour and timeless photograph on the website .

  A)  All Class photographs e-mailed are put onto the website.
your school photograph on the website on its very own webpage
2. a link to your class photo on the school index page
                          3your classmates names entered
      Send a small donation to pay for my time & costs and  you also get                
                            4.  your
personal paragraph added 
                            5.  your
e-mail address shown (old pals can contact you)
                          6.  a lifetime entry for all your family and friends to enjoy

                         School photo - e-mail webmasterNote : I can digitally scan photographs for you,  see  B) below

   B) Photograph need scanned?
All this for a  5 DONATION to pay for my time and costs.
Simply post me your photograph and enclose a stamped addressed envelope 
                         for its return.  I will :-
1. electronically scan the photo
                             2. e-mail you your very own electronic copy
                             3. submit your photograph to the website on its
very own page
                             4. enter a link to your class photo on the school index page
                             5. add your
classmates names where known
                             6. enter a personal paragraph about yourself
                             7. show your e-mail address so old pals can contact you
                             8. post your photo back to you.
                             9. a
lifetime entry for all your family and friends to enjoy  
            Click here for details on how to send a donation & contact details


The children of a primary school had all been photographed, and the teacher was trying to persuade them each to buy a copy of the group picture.  "Just think how nice it will be to look at it in the future when you are all grown up and say, "There's Margaret; she's a lawyer now," or 'That's Billy he's a doctor now'"  A small voice at the back of the room rang out......"And  there's the teacher. She's dead now."

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 lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web 



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