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 Dalmarnock Primary School  - Class of c1936-38  


June 2009 Margaret Symington (nee Rogan), Glasgow, Scotland.
sent in his old class photo.  Margaret thinks this photo is c1936 -1938


Top Row
6.  James McNair 
2. ..... Smith
7. ...... Cranston
8. ..... Buchanan
4  ..... Cuthbert
9.  Tom Brocas
5.  ..... Graham
10. Scotty Brace
3rd Row
1. teacher Mr.French
6. .......... McNab
2. Betty McLean
7. J.Cochran
3. William Sproul
8. ......... Anderson 
4.  J.McGregor
9.  ....... McDonald
5.  A.Murray
10. Archie Jack
2nd Row
1. ......... Cooper
6. Betty Logan
2. ......... Doran
7. A. McCafferty
3. M. Aitken
8.   M. Monteith
4.  Jane Smith
9. A.MacMillan
5.   ..... Softley
10. J.Morton
Front Row 1. May Wilson
6. Margaret Rogan
2. A.Anderson
7. B. Stewart
3.  .... Speirs
8.  E.Mathews
4.  .... MacReath
9.  Jessie Ford
5.   May Ritchie
10. May Armstrong
11. M.Ballantyne
  Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale to tell.


June 2009 Margaret Symington (nee Rogan), Glasgow, Scotland.
extracts from letter " Dear Mr.McArthur I have just bought myself a laptop, I have still a lot to learn, however I am finding it very interesting. my son and my niece have been helping me. ........ I have enclosed my other class photo which was taken 1936 or 1938 with some of the names that I remember...."
Margaret was born in Ruby Street, Bridgeton in 1926 and looking back she remembers having lots of fun playing. She remembers making tents with old newspapers, she and her pals would go over to the Tram Depot and pick up all the used matches which they used to join the newspapers. The tent got built it rained the tent got ruined, but next nice day they'd start all over again!
Webmaister :  what a memory for someone in their 83rd year! Many thanks Margaret.



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