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         Dalmarnock Primary School  - Class of 1949  9yr olds 


October 2002.  Ruby Galt (nee Mullen), Uddingston, Scotland. sent in this class photograph.
Ruby attended Dalmarnock Primary School 1945 to 1952 then went to John St School
She stayed at 246 Dunn Street as a child.    See also her 1945 & 1947 class photos   
( webmaster: Ruby is my mother's cousin ).

Top Row

Alexandra McGinlay
4   John Hannigan
4th Row 1 teacher  Mr French

8  Andy Robertson
3rd Row 1
2   Doreen Crozier 
May Withers 
2nd Row Nessie Mercer
Isobel Hillson

4 Anne Hogg
8 Ruby Mullen (Dunn St )
1 2 Lily Robb .
  Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face.      



Extract from e-mail, October 2002,  Nessie Mercer ( now Martinez) , Washington, USA (email tba)
Hi again. I am just over the moon with the class pictures Ruby entered in the Dalmarnock School Book. And I am even more excited that I am actually in one of them. This is the only picture I have of myself now at school. I was wondering if Ruby could take it and have it copied and mail it to me? ........ Please tell Ruby I Thank her so very much. I tried to copy it from the computer. but it only gave me part of it. I can remember some of the faces but not the names, put this down to Old Age, ha ha. The girl next to Isobel Hillson is Ann Hogg. Don't ask me how I remembered that name! I guess I just was not into boys yet at that tender age as I cannot remember a one. Shame! I just can't wait to show this to my children and my Sister Joan. I wonder if she could put names to any of them, I think her memory is a bit better than mine. Again I wait with baited breath to hear from you or Ruby.
Extract from e-mail, Jan.2003  Nessie Mercer ( now Martinez) , Washington, USA
Hi Will, Nessie Martinez here again. I have some names of pupils that were at Dalmarnock the same time as me. Not all would be in my class photo of 1949 9yr olds. If anyone can connect the names and the faces that would be great. My memory is not that good and I have spent hours trying to match them. So here goes ~~~
Teacher in the 1949 photo Mr. French~~~ names of pupils :-   helen anderson--jessie cosgrove--doreen crozier*---georgina currie--isobella hilson*--mary mccallum--elizabeth mcginlay--avril mclaren--agnes mcnicol--rebecca milligan--lily miller--robina mullen*--lily robb*--catherine stewart*--janet watt--marion muir--joyce totten--patricia kilpatric--marion bryson--rachel edgar--georgina aird*--lilias bain*--agnes colston--anne cockburn--annie cunnian--rae cunnington--mary eaglesham--matilda finlay--isabella greig--jane laing--emily lee--agnes louden--catherine mcvie--suzanne paton--margaret smith--fay watson--joan wilkie--janet simpson--mary mcintyre--jean lambert--joyce boomer--rachael dott--ann hogg*--agnes travers--mary thorpe--may withers*william bell*--robert brown--james clark--john dickson--james mcfarlane--george mchugh--james mcnaught--adam ritchie*--walter smith--george pattison--
john whitelock--david totten--james coupar--henry blake--william boomer--alexander brown--robert crighton--james burnside--john docherty--james dunbar--albert ford--robert gallagher--william harvey--hugh lindsay*(my first love)--charles mcallister-william mourning--alexander mavors--james patterson--john rooney--robert scott--alexander skinner--david todd--john wyper--william mcintyre--alezander mcleish--richard gillespie* (my second love)--william agnew--gordon cameron*

If anyone can make the connections, I would love to hear from you as this is driving me crazy. 
Sincerely, Nessie Martinez ( agnes mercer)
Extract from email, John Dougall, Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland, Apr 2005 
Hi Webmaister............the Dalmarnock School 1949 9yrs,tap row (4) is mah cousin John Hannigan, 'n 4th row (8) is Andy Robertson. Ah wiz pally wi' his older brithers in the 50/60s. Unfortunately Andy died at aboot age 25.
Keep up the great work. Jackie Dougall.



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