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  Sacred Heart R.C. Junior Secondary School - Pirn Street

Pirn Street Junior Secondary School, old school photo, I had many pals at this school and never once
did I hear it being called Sacred Heart Secondary, it was always known locally as Pirn Street school.

See my colour photo below.
Pirn Street
                                                                                       photo courtesy of ©
Gordon Adams 

June 2003, Extract from guestbook,  GlescaPal May.
"Webmaister, I have been "floating" on air since finding your web-site.
My memories.......walking to Sacred Heart School from Stamford Street...What a trek!!!!! 
Didn`t matter what the weather..I had to walk!!! My friends and I used to "scoot" up the "close" next to the church...every first Friday, confessions. We didn`t want those in the church to hear the priest screaming at us for not going to Sunday Mass.  I noticed the wee "close" in the picture of the chapel...
At Sacred Heart, the teacher who really tried to help us, although at the time, I don`t think I realized it, was Miss Welsh. I remember how she used to wear the black cloak??????"

Feb. 2016, email from Rena Quigley, age 67, Sarasota, USA
I Would love to see any old photo's inside of pirn st school,and photo's of Teacher's and Kid's. I went to Pirn St about 1950 1960, there were 7 of us Quigley's at that school, so I wold love to know as much as I can. I have been living in the US for 34 yrs now and I love it, I live about 10 min from the beach and it's beautiful

April 2023, Maureen Howley (nee Reilly), Age 67, Sligo, Ireland.                   
Hello, I am trying to find out a little more about my mum's school in Bridgeton. She said she was at Sacred Heart School, but I don't know if this was a primary school with an Advanced Division, or a Junior Secondary School. From the photographs it looks as if Sacred Heart was a Primary School for boys! My mum moved from the Gorbals after the Blitz in 1941, left school in 1943.  
Webmaister: There were two schools both for boys & girls; Sacred Heart Primary and Sacred Heart Junior Secondary (known locally as ‘Pirn Street’ School)
Thank you so much for the speedy reply. As soon as I saw Pirn Street, I knew it was the Junior Secondary. I am delighted.
My Mum was Teresa Coulter,
and lived at 35 Beechgrove Street.  Her married name was Reilly.


Pirn Street 2002

The Street and school are long gone now. This photograph is roughly where Pirn Street was!
Like many streets in Glesca this street was renamed to Pirn Street, originally it was called Graham Street

photo Oct.1974 courtesy Norrie & Flash  .

Dalmarnock Rd at the junction of Muslin Street, the school bottom right corner
is Sacred Heart Secondary in Pirn Street




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