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photos GlesgaPal Kath

The Wembley Bar  was owned by Benny McGowan standing on the left in the photo, the old gent wearing the apron is Benny's father "pop", middle person is unknown. The signwriting of this bar was done by local man Archie Savage.
My Da, Jimmy McArthur and my uncle John Mullen drank is this pub. We lived at 202 Baltic Street then moved round the corner into Fairbairn Street, my uncle John lived in 254 Dunn Street.


 Old street map

 Baltic Street between  Fairbairn St and Dunn St was :
Newsagent at Fairbairn St corner
         Close no.202
         Close no.204
         Close no.206
 Wembley Bar at Dunn St. corner


The Wembley Bar was situated at the corner of Dunn Street and Baltic Street.
My Da told me the story that you could stand across the way and look into the Dunn St. corner  window and see from the large bar mirror who was inside drinking! He was caught a few times playing dominoes by my mammy! He eventually asked Benny to get it moved or put up blinds!

Dunn Street painting by GlescaPal Wm.Neilly (aka Glesca Artist)

The Wembley Bar situated at the corner of Dunn Street and Baltic Street in the east end of Glasgow was owned by Benny McGowan and Benny's father "pop" cut a dash dressed in collar, tie, waistcoat and long white apron as he tended his customers. A local man, Archie Savage, who also worked in the public house as a Bartender, was responsible for the unique sign writing.
My painting shows a wummin hingin' oot a windae above the Wembley Bar and watching two boys playing fitba' in their Rangers and Celtic strips. Two locals also watch from the Dunn Street entrance of the pub. Two wee lassies are playing peever in Baltic Street ootside the pub entrance and next tae close number 206.



Sept.2008, Bobby Bryden, age 58,  USA, ex-Brigton boy
extract from the Wembley Bar,  Benny the publican was irish he was always well dressed and  Archie Savage the bartender worked there forever. He used to give me a pass for two to the Kings picture hoose if I was early I think it was on a Tuesday but if I was late John Sheppard fae Fairbairn St would get the pass. I beat John more and enjoyed the free passes. Archies son lived in the buggy loan his wife's name was Ella they were good friends of my Ma and Da
re -The Buggy Loan was located between Baltic St and Dunn St the close between Adams fish shop and Biggars bakery. You would go through the close walk thirty feet it was two stories high. Auld Hendry lived there I think he was the manager of the Celtic reserve team, it was common to see Celtic strips hanging out his window..... Bobby Bryden




Dunn Street and Baltic Street corner Apr.2007.
Same spot where the Wembley Bar once stood.
This photo was taken from Dunn Street looking north along Baltic Street.
Sad photo this for me .... again thinking back to this thriving wee corner tenement buildings, playing in the closes and round the backs -
these days long gone



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