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Greenhead Street      

 Greenhead Street at junction of Tullis Street looking south.  
Closes 117, 121, 125, 127 then a gap then house 133, close 135, house 137, closes 139, 143, 145, house 147, 149, close 151

Greenhead Street  

Lovely tenement building, not much has changed here...if only I could say that about the other tenement buildings.....

Closes 97, 101, 107, 109 house, close 113

Extract from e-mail, 21st May 2002, Maggie Hargreaves, Melbourne, Australia 
( e-mail tba )
"I have passed the website on to my old Greenhead Street friends from Brigton out here in Australia. Our building is long gone, but would you believe, a kind friend posted the old Greenhead Street sign out to my sister in Australia, and she has it hanging on little chains on
her patio here in a beachside suburb of Melbourne!"    

Extract from e-mail October 2002.  James Anderson, Ontario, Canada ( e-mail tba )
"The sights have brought back many old memories. Much has changed since I last saw these buildings, but much stayed the same too. What a treat it was seeing my old school ( John St Primary ) and even my old house on Greenhead St. It was indeed a trip into the past and it was much appreciated. Thanks.......... For years my children have heard me describe where I used to live; now I can actually show them. I hope the culture shock isn't to much for them!     Thanks again, webmaster. I'll be passing this site on to my siblings and friends."

Extract from mail June 2004.  Archie Ferguson, Coilntraive, Scotland
"......only recently discovered your excellent website, it is first class! I was born in Glasgow in 1933 and lived at 249 Greenhead Street........ My parents had a chip shop on the Main St. Bridgeton next door to Crolla's cafe, just around from Newhall St. We moved to Ayr in 1940, I attended Ayr Academy then left school and did my national service in the RAF......all great fun!
Extract from e-mail March 2017.  Colin MacLachan, Larkhall, Scotland
I lived at 127 which is the last close before the back pen opening to Templetons factory. We had an inside toilet but no bath, I washed in the sink till about 15
when I progressed to Stevenson Street steamie/baths 2/6 was the cost 2 bob for the bath, 2p for soap, 4p for a towel.
There was a boiler house in the back court which was used by 2 closes (16 families) who had their own days for washing.
Each family had an outdoor cellar to keep coal etc.

To my knowledge the closes from Tullis Street to 127 all had their own toilets but no baths.
Also houses in Tullis Street had toilets only. I remember gas being replaced with electricity in the mid 50's.

Main houses and closes from 127 to Greenlodge Terrace were all larger I.e. Mainly more bedrooms and separate lounge and kitchen rooms and the ones I visited had large bathrooms toilet and baths. These houses were occupied by doctors, teachers actors and perhaps the more affluent families. Therefore their midgies were considered to be lucky midgies discarding goods which could be recycled.
Some of the main door houses were privately owned others rent was paid to factors.


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