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Extract from e-mail, 21st May 2002, Maggie Hargreaves, Melbourne, Australia 
"I have passed the website on to my old Greenhead Street friends from Brigton out here in Australia. Our building is long gone, but would you believe, a kind friend posted the old Greenhead Street sign 
out to my sister in Australia, and she has it hanging on little chains on her patio here in a beachside suburb of Melbourne!"
Extract from e-mail, 28th Oct. 2002, Maggie Hargreaves,  Melbourne, Australia 
"Hi Will, have just been looking at your Glesga web site. Love it. 
You have already put a comment from me on the website about our Greenhead Street sign being out here in Australia. Don't know if it would be of any interest, but here are a couple of photos of it (the sign) taken tonight. My sister and I are in one, Greta and Mary McKell, both of us went to John
Street Schools."
Well here it is the Greenhead Street sign.....
which has travelled all the way from Bridgeton, Glasgow  to  Melbourne in Australia!


                                                      Greta & Mary

See Mary's school photo 1946 when she was 10yrs old

Greenhead Street photographs


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