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  c'mon we'll get a Bus.......Trolley bus 


Trolley Bus
first arrived on our streets in 1949
and ran for eighteen years, 
finally being withdrawn in 1967


1950's bus at 
Glasgow Cross

The Trolley bus was nicknamed the 'silent death', they were powered by overhead electric wires and just 'hummed' along the road, a whining sound which you could barely hear. I don't know if many people were 'silently' knocked down and killed, but a good nickname and typical Glesga humour!



The TB78  were supplied in 1958/9 on the nine and a half mile long 106 route linking 
Millerston or Riddrie with Bellahoustan Converted from tramcar operations on 15 June 1958.



The last route to be converted from tram to trolleybus operation on 15 Nov 1958, was the route 108 from Mount Florida to Paisley Road Toll which was extended at peak hours to Linthouse and Shieldhall. Special dispensation to Glasgow manager Fitzpayne allowed him to operate experimentally high capacity single deck trolley busses 35ft long with fifty seat bodies arrived in 1958 to operate this route.Its successful operation paved the way for general use of 36ft long vehicles from 1961. The last of the '10 TBS21', above is seen in April 1962 at Paisley Road Toll.

excerpt from 'The Journey'  ( Oot the Windae by D.Reilly)
I would take the tram to Bridgeton Cross,  the wee conductress always the boss
in her uniform of
transport green,  click click clicking her ticket machine
trying as usual to skip my fare, and often got caught but didnít care
the clippie cried c'mon and get aff,  I reluctantly paid my thrupenny half

I got off the tram and crossed the street, and caught the trolley always a treat
they nicknamed the trolley the silent death, it could hardly be heard above your breath
it ran on electric from overhead lines,  with a silent engine that barely whines
got chucked off the trolley at Gorbals cross, skipped my fair and couldnít give a toss

Tramcar, motorbus and trolleybus at Bridgeton Cross

Glasgow was the last place in the British Isles where all three forms
of public street transport could be seen operating together.


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