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    Glesca Tramcaurs  Page 1


Tramcars Page 1
Dalmarnock Rd
Ruby Street
Tramcar depot

Tramcars Page1a
Last tram procession
September 1962
Bridgeton X

Tramcars Page2
souvenir tickets
Tram No9

Tramcars Page3
Tramcar 18A
London Road
Tramcar 30
Sauchiehall Street

Tramcars Page4
Bridgeton trams
open air and 
horse drawn
in Cambuslang

Tramcars Page5
1960 trams 
Dalmarnock Rd &
Springfield Rd.

Tramcars Page6
Tram depot fitba


The love affair of the century?  Glesca and its tramcars.
If you spoke about 'the caurs' before the 1960's it wasn't about motor cars being referred to, it was tramcars.  The shooglie caurs!
They clanged, shoogled, lurched, swayed and shuddered...ah wis once thrown fae the relatively safety of the inside of a tramcar, standing beside ma granny, to suddenly finding maself writhing oan the platform being grabbed by an ever watchful conductress and pulled tae safety....a wisnae hoddin oan tae the seat handles ye see, ah wis trying tae be gallus! They blew no smoke, gushed no effluent, spilled no oil.....and we all loved them!

Glaswegians adored them as was demonstrated that sad day in 1962 when we finally said goodbye to our beloved trams........almost a quarter of a million turned out that day to attend the 'funeral' of our dear friends....and many were in tears.

Around the 1820s and 1830s the first form of public transport began appearing with the use of horse-drawn coaches for hire, owned by striving entrepreneurs, two of the most famous being Robert Frame and Andrew Menzies. In 1894 the Glasgow Corporation opted to take over Menzie's company who were carrying 54 million passengers a year and owned 3,500 horses!

Acquiring the tramway service, to be titled Glasgow Corporation Tramways made Glasgow the first authority in Britain to own and operate its own public transport system on 1st July 1894....Another first for Glesga!
.Over 6 million passengers were carried in the first four weeks. By 1902 the changeover to electricity was complete - conductresses - "Clippies" were introduced during the 1st World War. Glasgow was the first city to do so and Tartan was seen again, this time in their long uniform skirt.


Extract from GP messageboard Feb.2003, Marion McCaig , New York, USA
I got really nostalgic looking through the auld caurs. I remember that last day so well.
We lived at the Dalmuir West terminus (#9 caur) and I decided to go for a last run taking my 3 weans, so we all shuffled up the sterrs tae the front seats and went all the way to Auchenshuggle and back. The kids loved it and I loved it although rather sad at the same time. 
Thanks for the memories webmaister
. By the way I heard they were bringing the caurs back tae Glesga"


Dalmarnock Road looking south from the  junction of Ruby Street / Dale Street

1st June1962
Ruby Street and the Dalmarnock Tramcar Depot is the first street on the left.



 Ruby Street, Dalmarnock Tram Depot 



Ruby Street from Dalmarnock Road....see the Dalmarnock tramcar depot over on the left.  

Glesca Artist
This painting was done by GlescaPal 'Glesca Artist'
~ ~ ~
Ruby Street Tram c1961
Ruby Street looking towards Dalmarnock Road

Dalmarnock Tram Depot. The Ruby Street tramcar depot was built in 1893 when all the city's trams were horse-drawn and could accommodate over 300 horses. 
The first regular tram from this Dalmarnock Depot {Ruby Street} being destination Finneston, ran on the 1st. July 1894 at 4.53 a.m. 
It was adapted as a car depot when the system was electrified a process completed in 1902.       
The depot was demolished in 1967.....
I remember playing in the depot as wee boy. I stayed in the next street along, Fairbairn Street.


Photographs of the  Last Tram Procession through Bridgeton Cross on 4th Sept.1962


July 2011, Extract from email,  Phyliss Neil , New York, USA
I'm so glad I found this website I was born in Whiteinch, moved to Househillwood and now live in New York usa.  I was a bus conductress back in the day (that was great times] I will be 70 this year and have never forgot my Glesca Toon Thanks for now."



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