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    Glesga Tramcaurs  Page 2


Tramcars Page 1
Dalmarnock Rd
Ruby Street
Tramcar depot

Tramcars Page1a
Last tram procession
September 1962
Bridgeton X

Tramcars Page2
souvenir tickets
Tram No9

Tramcars Page3
Tramcar 18A
London Road
Tramcar 30
Sauchiehall Street

Tramcars Page4
Bridgeton trams
open air and 
horse drawn
in Cambuslang

Tramcars Page5
1960 trams 
Dalmarnock Rd &
Springfield Rd.

Tramcars Page6
Tram depot fitba



No.9 Tramcar  Bridgeton Cross to Auchenshuggle


 Driver Kitty & Clippie Helen

Extract from GP messageboard, Feb.2003, Charlie McDonald, GLASGOW,  
"I remember the No.9 'Caur' as if it was yesterday. My Maw was a clippie and I became a bit of a celeb in Arrol Place whenever my ma was on the No.9...all my pals would stick close to me during the summer holidays whenever my ma was working as my ma would stop the 'caur' at the Toby Jug and we would all pile on and head out West for the day. 
Sometimes we'd get aff at the Art Galleries and have a great game of two man hunt and chased all over the Galleries by the security men before heading back to the east end on the return 'caur'.  Got the shock of my life a few years back when viewing an exhibition on 'Glasgow Women at Work' in the Mitchell Library. I happened to notice a photograph of a No.9 'caur' at Auchenshuggle. On looking closer I nearly dropped when I recognised my Maw and her driver , Kitty. The photo was taken in the last few days of the 'caurs' in September 1962. I have an excellent video on the last day of the 'caurs' showing several street scenes in the east end and the staff dance in the old Ruby Street Depot on the last night." 

Extract from GP messageboard, Jan 2006, Charlie McDonald,
That's ma wee maw, Helen, wi' the white socks oan and her driver Kitty who was a mad  Hearts supporter who used to give me pelters as a wean when the Hearts played the Gers. Days efter this photo was taken in September 1962 the caurs were done a way wi' maw went tae work oan the buses running fae Fordnuek Street Depot and Kitty went back tae live in Auld Reekie to be nearer her beloved Tynecastle.
Extract from GP messageboard, Feb.2003, Ronnie McPhee, London
"Wit a great story Charlie, ye see it seems tae me thit aw these wee kind o' folklore stories are jist overlooked and forgotten, I think grandweans when older would be thrilled tae hear this stuff (a know I am). did ye keep the photo of yer mammy thit ye fun in the Mitchill? and dae ye hiv a photo o' her wearing her uniform that ye might wish tae let us see?.    Puir dead brilliant.   Three cheers tae Charlies mammy.
Webmaister, Feb.2003
"Yer right Ronnie these folklore stories are often overlooked, forgotten and lost in time....but not anymore!.....that's where my website comes in. I am constantly adding these tales tae the website as can be seen by awe the extracts listed throughout the pages. These website pages are here for ever and will be seen and read when we are all long gone. So awe these photographs....the stories, the memories and tales, songs, schools and Glesga Pals will get a wee place in history and will be read and talked about throughout the land......ahm gonny greet here!

Excerpt from GP messageboard, Chrissie aged 77, Jan.2006
I remember the the overhead wires for the 'caurs'?.......
Saw them spark and sizzle. Also the inconvenience of waiting when the trolley came off the over head wires which had to be put back on with the help of a big pole...
They often 'jumped' the rails.....I must have been about 12 (1940) when the tramcar I was travelling on jumped the rails while turning the corner into Glassford street and proceeded to smash into the window of a chemist shop...I was sitting on the top deck at the front beside the window.......was taken to the Royal. in an ambulance ( I was mortified) with other passengers who were hurt....Luckily I only had cuts on my legs from the flying glass.....Never sat upstairs again.......Still do not sit upstairs on a bus ... :)


The last tramcar journey of No.9 seen here at Auchenshuggle terminus, Sept 1962


London Road at Bridgeton Cross 
the last tram procession
4th September 1962


Tramcar Souvenir Tickets

front view 

Glasgow Trams 1st July 1894 - 4th September 1962,  68 years

The rear of the ticket shows some stop addresses :-
Auchenshuggle        ( London Road at Blairbeth near Tollcross )
Maukinfauld Road  ( London Road )
1277 London Road
Bridgeton Cross
Kent Street 
( the Barras )
Queen Street ( City Centre)

                                                             (tickets supplied by Ron.McPhee )
back view

A Tramcar Lament.
Posted on November 18, 2003  by Ronnie

From Bowmont Gardens, Kelvinside,  (where Buller fought against the boer),
Upon a tram I used to ride,  (Ah! Auchenshuggle, oh! Dalmuir).

Up the open top I went,  (The air on deck was fresh and pure); 
It was a ha'penny well spent, (Ah Auchenshuggle, oh! Dalmuir).

From Byres Road to Douglas Street,  That fare a journey would procure
(The air on deck was fresh and sweet), (Ah! Auchenshuggle, oh! Dalmuir).

Blazoned they rolled in rainbow hues,  (Oh! golden days when routes were fewer),
Yellows and greens, reds, whites, and blues, (Ah! Auchenshuggle, oh! Dalmuir).

To Linthouse Pier the cluthas swam,  (The Clyde was not unlike a sewer)
But oh! the springtime on a tram,  (Ah! Auchenshuggle, oh! Dalmuir)

Where are the trams of yesteryear,  The pride and joy of rich and poor?
Upon their passing shed a tear, (Ah! Auchenshuggle, oh! Dalmuir).

By J.S.M.


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