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Tramcars Page 1
Dalmarnock Rd
Ruby Street
Tramcar depot

Tramcars Page1a
Last tram procession
September 1962
Bridgeton X

Tramcars Page2
souvenir tickets
Tram No9

Tramcars Page3
Tramcar 18A
London Road
Tramcar 30
Sauchiehall Street

Tramcars Page4
Bridgeton trams
open air and 
horse drawn
in Cambuslang

Tramcars Page5
1960 trams 
Dalmarnock Rd &
Springfield Rd.

Tramcars Page6
Tram depot fitba


Sept.1960,  Dalmarnock Power Station in the background, photo looking north towards Bridgeton.
 Tram No 26 crossing the River Clyde at Dalmarnock Bridge heading for Burnside district.


March 1960 at Springfield Rd crossover Tram No 30 from Blairdardie to Dalmarnock and Tram No 1 heading for Scotstoun West.


August 2003, Elspeth Crosbie, Glasgow, Scotland 
...some tramcar photographs to add to the website....."
Extract from e-mail, Robert Montgomerie,  Oct.2010
My grandfather was a great tram enthusiast. (His grandfather’s house was in Eglinton St in 1872 at the time of the first tram from St Geoges Cross to Eglinton Toll.)
My father was born at 266 Main St Bridgeton, a few closes up from the Newhall Street corner just before the Newhall Church. 
I was looking at the picture of the No.1 tram at Parkhead Cross painted by William Neilly, the Glesca artist whose paintings of the trams I greatly admire.
My father left nothing about his few years at Bridgeton.  I noticed that William Neilly lived at Newhall Street and William has been a great help.  I saw too the photo of the No.1 tram terminus in Springfield Road on the GlescaPals web site.
I left Glasgow in my early thirties. But before then my birth, home, education, courting, work, social occasions all had connections with the No.1 tram route as does some of Glasgow’s important social and industrial history.  It might be good to create a ‘virtual’ journey of the No.1 tram. 
I have enjoyed looking at the GlescaPals web site. 
Regards, Robert Montgomerie

Oct.2010, extract from email Glesca Artist William Neilly
The first and last numbered Glesca tramcars, the number 1 and number 30, both feature in my painting, "Saturday Night at Parkhead Cross - 1950's,"   The description of my painting which can be viewed along with all my other work on the GlescaPals Message Board

The number 1 tramcar had its terminus in Springfield Road, as shown on the cross-over photograph.

The number 30 tramcar had its terminus in Dalmarnock Road
just past the Boundary Bar, at Birkwood Street, and adjacent to the still standing and last remaining tenement block, opposite Dalmarnock Power Station. 

No.26 coronation tramcar about to use the cross-over in Dalmarnock Road at the number 30 tramcar terminus.

You don't need to be a member of GlescaPals in order to view my paintings.  However, if you're not already a member, registration would be greatly appreciated.  It only takes a few minutes to register and not only does it give you unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge and photographs of Glesca, particularly the East End, but the opportunity to participate in one of the best, if not the best, informative and entertaining message boards in the world.  Kind regards,  Glesca Artist

the number 1 tramcar in Springfield Road,
just passing the junction with London Road and en route to Scotstoun West. 

"Glesca Artist's" old school, Riverside Senior Secondary, is located on the left of the image just beyond Springfield Wire Works the other tramcar.


Aug.2007 GlescaPal Jojax sent me this photo of the Horse Drawn Tram on the route between Paisley Road and Parkhead.     Note the cobblestones on the road



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