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     137th Glasgow BB,  Garrowhill c1952


A social history of the BB in Glasgow
 photos and memories preserved on GlescaPals for future generations.



 137th Glasgow
Company, the Boys Brigade
  was formed 06 Nov 1906 and was attached
  to Titwood Parish Church.
                                                                                      The Church was built 1893-1895 in Glencairn Drive.

Titwood Church
Titwood Church, c1890s
*1n session 1926-1927 the company closed

*In session 1929-1930 the company re-started in St. Aiden's Church.                 *In session 1931-1932 the company closed


*In Session 1932-1933 the number was re-allocated 137th Glasgow BB attached to Baillieston Mure Memorial

          Baillieston Mure Memorial Church  
Baillieston Mure Memorial Church

137th Glasgow Boys Brigade Company. 
Parading outside Mure Memorial Church in Garrowhill c1952

This photo was taken at the church Remembrance Day service. The BB company with its Bugle & Pipe bands would have paraded to and from the church with all church members and friends proudly looking on. In the photograph it is nice to see a war veteran displaying his medals and all the boys wearing their poppies. 
(A few years later in Jan.2014 the war veteran has ben identified as Session Clerk, David H Gourlay.)



Sept.2007 extract from email, Drew McDicken, USA

Hi Webmaister ....I am in this photo second row down 4th from the right, Drew McDicken. On my right is my best friend Harry Trew and the wee face back top right you can just see is Brian Waterson our other best friend who could not join the BB as he was a catholic but loved the pipes, he was not supposed to be in the photo....... Jimmy Stubbins is the WW1 veteran.  It seems like yesterday we stood for this photo !    Aye yours Andrew McDicken.

PS : Andrew is the Pipe Major of  The Clan Gordon Highlanders located in Locust Valley, Long Island, New York, having honed his piping skills in the BB !

 footnote Webmaister :  I attended the BB for many years in Bridgeton and we had boys in our company who were RC,
                         however in many areas the local Priest would not allow the boys to follow their pals into the BB  .....

July 2011  email, Jim Gillan, Conway South Carolina, USA

I believe that the piper on the first step on the left with the white cross belt and standing between the two buglers in front of him, is my cousin,  William Robertson.  He and his brothers were in the 137,  Dick was a drummer and might be in this picture.  But I can't find him.  The younger brother Ronald would have joined a few years after this picture.

William died in 1988 and Dick is quite ill so I can't get this confirmed by the.  I will be in Glasgow on the 8th of August 2011 so I will check with Ronald...  Jim Gillan, Conway South Carolina, USA


Jan. 2014, email, David P Brown, Fife, Scotland.
Re '137' Boys' Brigade Company outside Mure Memorial Church c.1952 the person on the extreme left - not wearing uniform - is David H Gourlay, Company's Honorary President, and Session Clerk of Mure Memorial Church.    Unfortunately, Jimmy Stubbins was not in the photograph.

Feb.2015, email, Maureen Douglas, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Aged 77
Came across this photograph by chance some time ago. My brother, Alex Davie, is in this, second row from front, third from left.
The small man two to his left is a Mr.Fowlis who taught the boys to play the bagpipes. I believe his son William is behind my brother on his right. Reggie Cowie, who trained as a plumber but then became a professional drummer, is on the right of the tall young man centre front.
I knew Harry and Drew, already identified, and recognize a few others but if I remember their first names I can't get my memory round their second names and vice versa. The minister was the Rev.Robert L Kinnis (nickname Big Bob) - a really nice man. He officiated at my wedding in 1962.


137th BB Football Team c1958-60,  Mure Memorial Church, Garrowhill

Wilson Dunbar 2 3 Willie Gilchrist 4  Douglas Kincaid John Gilchrist 6 Alistair Kerr
Ian Auchincloss  # Stewart McDermott Willie Campbell Richard (Dickie) Holmes Roger Brown
    # Ian Auchincloss went on to become captain of the company


Aug 2009 extract from email, Aileen F Kincaid

My husband, Douglas Kincaid was in the 137th BB Garrowhill from an early age until he died in 1989. I remember Jimmy Stubbins . He became the caretaker at the church. Harry Trew married my  friend's  sister and went to Canada

Oct 2010 extract from email, Graham Hill

....... there are 2 pictures 1 off the 137th Glasgow Boys Brigade Company. Parading outside Mure Memorial Church in Garrowhill cc 1952 (before my time).and a second picture is of a football team submitted by the widow of Douglas Kincaid. 

You may already have received some emails on the second picture but I think it was taken in either 1958 or possible 1959 and I think that some of the missing names are. 

Top row -  1 Wilson Dunbar. 3 Willie Gilchrist 5 John Gilchrist 6 Alistair Kerr

Bottom Row - 1 Ian Auchincloss (who was later captain of the company) 2 Stewart McDermott 3 Willie Campbell 4 Richard (Dickie) Holmes .............. Best wishes to the 7

Jan.2014, email, David P Brown, Fife,  Scotland
Re '137' Football Team c.1958-60 - Player 5 is Ian Brown.
I was Captain from 1965 to 1969  having been right through the Company from Life Boys  until 1951 when I joined the BB Company.  

Apr.2020, email, Willie Green
.... a wee update on football team photo from 137th Boys Brigade Company. The chap on the front row right (No5) is Roger Brown. Ian Brown was his younger brother who played in the team when I played.



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