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    219th Glasgow Boys' Brigade, Bridgeton

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A social history of the BB in Glasgow
 photos and memories preserved on GlescaPals for future generations.


The 219th Glasgow Company, the Boys Brigade was formed 20 Jan.1925 attached to Greenhead UF Church, Bridgeton

In session 1929-1930 the church changed to Greenhead East Church

In session 1970-1971 the company church changed in a church union to Calton New Parish Church, Bain Square, Calton

  In session 1985-86
the company closed
                                        Although attached to Calton New Parish Church BB nights were however held in Bridgeton

                                        John St Primary School (   - 1975)  John Street Primary school closed in 1975
                                        Dalmarnock Primary School (1975-1986)

St.Lukes, Calton New Parish Church, Bain Square


When I joined the 219th BB in 1972 this was how the church looked, the 28th BB were also attached to this church at that time...the swingpark has now been removed and the area landscaped and pedestrianised.


 219th BB ... joint camps with 19th BB on photographs to enlarge  

219 / 19th
                          BB Camp, Portrush 1969 Skegess
                          camp 1970 Whitley Bay 1971 Skegness
                          219 / 19th BB camp St Cyrus
                          weekend camp 1973 219th /
                          19th BB camp to Southport 219th / 19th
                          BB camp Jersey
Whitley Bay 1971 Skegness 
St Cyrus 
pdf file
                          1.4MB BB Link article



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219th BB Flute Band

photos & milestones



219th BB company history :  no details



Extract from e-mail, Mike Middleton, East Kilbride, Scotland. Aug.2002.  (ex Officer& boy 219th)
Great site....the memories of the BB come flooding back.... . all the people we met over the years and the fun and laughter we shared......happy days.."    
Extract from e-mail, Jim Turnbull, East Kilbride, Scotland. Aug.2002.  (ex Officer& boy 219th)
Great website wee man! The old photos of Brigton and Dalmarnock just make the years roll back to great memories.The BB photographs are excellent and it would be great if some older members could send in some memories or photos to let some of the "young team" see what the BB was like in years gone bye."  
See his Turnbull family website
Extract from e-mail, Ronnie Stevenson, Glasgow, Scotland. Sept.2002
"Great site. There's so much to comment on. I lived in Greenhead St. I was in the 219th at the church on London Rd at the bottom of Kerr St, with the modern murals, the 155th at Bridgeton Methodist at Landressy St/James St Corner and 92nd at Bridgeton Parish Church at the corner of Dale St/Old Dalmarnock Rd. There was the 209th at Rockcliffe Parish at Rockclife St and the 106th at London Road St Clements. 
Some of the officers I remember were Mr Glass, Walter Kelly, Mr Wainwright, Donald Ellis, Mr McConnachie, Joe Bovill, Johnny Holmes,Tom Mackie, Mr Winning. We did woodwork for our Arts and Crafts badges at the YMCA in London Rd." 
Extract from e-mail, Ronnie McGivens, Glasgow, Scotland. Feb.2004 (former boy 219th)
....... I have just looked at the 219thBB website, and I must say it is absolutely brilliant. You have obviously been very busy over the last few days as I see you have added plenty of photos, keep up the good work! I am sure that as time goes on, more and more of the lads will discover this site and visit it regularly, especially when they are feeling down as this will really give them a lift. 
I am now back at my work on a North Sea oil rig and a visit to this website has brightened up my Saturday night in this "godforsaken place". Well " Auld Da" I will have to go and give someone else a turn of this computer. The computer access out here is not too clever so you will probably hear from me in a couple of weeks time ....... All the Best! for now

Aug.2020 Bill McLaughlin from GlescaPals facebook page
I came across these while rummaging in a cupboard today. Thought they might be of historical BB interest to Webmaister Wull. I asked John for permission to post them as they are really his. Left behind when he went to America in 1959. Helped  to educate his wee brother (me)"
Three books awarded from the 219th BB to a young John McLaughlin.... the books were Tom Brown's Schooldays, Coral Island and The three Musketeers.
219th 1953-54





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A lifetime honour and timeless photographs on the web



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