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    228th Glasgow, Boys' Brigade  Bridgeton Page1  


A social history of the BB in Glasgow
 photos and memories preserved on GlescaPals for future generations.


* Session 1927-1928 the 228th Glasgow BB was attached to Newlands Parish Church, Bridgeton

* Session 1929-1930 the company's church changed to Newlands (East) Church

* Session 1965-1966 the company's church changed to St. Francis in the East Church, Bridgeton

* Session 1978-1979 the company closed          * Session 1981-1982 the company re-started

* Session 1988-1989 the company closed          * Session 1992-1993 the company re-started

* Session 2001-2002 the company closed          * Session 2005-2006 the company re-started


Church :  St.Francis-in-the-east, Church of Scotland
 ( This is the church I knew this BB from but thanks to GlesgaPals I have found out that they
originally operated from  Newlands East Church which was just around the corner in London Road)

Meetings : Church & School halls


St.Francis-in-the-east Church, Queen Mary Street

I have fond memories of this company, whilst not a member, I still shared many events with them.
Captain Neil Dunn taught me my first aid badge as we attended classes in his church.
My company the 175th from Fairbairn Street and our Captain Robert Smart, attended
Whitevaleswimming baths with the 228 lads every week.   

E-mail, 01 Oct. 2021, Andy Masterton, Age 65, Glasgow
It is with great sadness that I announce the death of the last captain of the 228th Boys Brigade company.
Captain Neil Dunn sadly passed away a few days ago on 29th September 2021. Many young boys who passed through the company will remember Neil with fondness. He gave decades of service to the BB and during that time he and the officers impacted on the lives of boys in Bridgeton

Webmaister: Andy sad news indeed and I greatly appreciate you getting in touch.
        Captain Neil Dunn did indeed impact on many boys' lives through his leadership in the Boys Brigade
                    at St.Francis-in-the-East Church, he gave great service to the Bridgeton community.

 ~ ~ ~

Anchor Boys 
Junior Boys Brigade 
Boys Brigade 
Men's Regnal 
for boys aged 57 at 6pm 
for boys aged 810 at 7pm 
for boys aged 1117 at 7.30pm 
a meeting where all men are welcome at 7.30pm


Any old 228th boys or officers with photos and stories to tell?


Extract from e-mail, May.2004, John Miliken
I note from your excellent website that the 228th Boys Brigade Company / St Francis in the East Church at Queen Mary Street is missing from your list ! Any particular reason for this omission.

Webmaister:- John absolutely no reason other than I have not been sent anything on them. I have fond memories of beating the 228 at football on the Glasgow Green! Capt Neil Dunn etc etc They have got a wee mention have a look at Whitevale Street baths I hope John you can address the gap and send me some info/ photos on the 228th BB a great company that lasted for a long time whilst other BB companies were disbanding.
Extract from e-mail, May.2004, John Miliken
Dear Webmaister, thank you for your reply, i will try and get some more info about the 228 to you. I don't suppose you'll have many memories about beating the 228 on the Glasgow Green, as far as i can remember we were the top team in the East End, lol .
Extract from e-mail, June 2004, Richard Evans Canada
Hi Webmaister, you might be interested to know that I was a member of the 228th BB when it belonged to
Newlands East Church
on London Rd. 
The church was between Frazer St. and Stamford St. Moore's fruit shop was on one side and Dr. Stirling had his place on the other side. The minister was Rev. John McKechnie. The church was demolished and Mr. McKechnie went to Aberdeen University to teach. I actually met him on the Empress of Canada in 1967. Like myself, he was emigrating to Canada. He was 70 years of age and couldn't face the mandatory retirement being forced on him. 
             The Captain of the B.B. was Andy Leitch and I know for a fact the one of the officers ( Jack Paully ) was living in Mount Vernon a couple of years ago. He married an officer in the Life Boys, the gorgeous Lillian Wales. 
I have a photograph somewhere of the 228 BB entering Newlands Church during a Sunday Parade.
             I have great memories of our camping holidays to Bangor in Ireland and Millport. Everyone wanted to be part of the advance party which left earlier to get the tents pitched. Nobody was too keen to get appointed to dig the latrines. 
I'm sure there are others out there who have similar memories of their days in the 228. John Bones , Kenny Anderson and the Finnie brothers. I believe the older Finnie, Alex, went on to be high up in the Glasgow Police Force. Great memories! 

Extract from e-mail, Aug 2006, Richard Evans Canada
Hello Webmaister, back in 2004 I wrote that the 228 BB originally belonged to Newlands East Church on London Rd. Enclosed is the photograph I mentioned, with the 228 entering the church. When you look at all the kids in the photo, keep in mind that the photo would have been taken around 11 a.m. on a Sunday. Some of the wee faces look as though they hadn't been washed since the previous Sunday. I can't put an exact date on the photo but I would guess it to be 1948.
I'm on the extreme left of the photo and in front of me, with the fancy cap, is Kenny Anderson, next to Kenny is Sammy Roy. By coincidence all of us now live in Canada, I am in touch with the Andersons who live in Niagara Falls.
A photo of the 228th Boys Brigade company marching into Newlands East Church in London Road where they were based..
A proud looking BB Captain Andy Leitch is captured on film leading the boys into church through the gates and the boys can be seen wearing the standard uniform of that time i.e. pillbox hat, white haversack, leather belt and jacket, shirt & tie. The boy at the front left wearing the 'fancy' hat is a staff sergeant, his hat is skipped and he also wears a leather belt across his white haversack.
Also interesting to see the cobbles in London Road these were later covered or removed in and around Glasgow and a tarmacadem road surface laid.
Church services started at 11.00am and the uniformed organisation parades normally took place once a month ... plenty of weans in the street for that time in the morning..... take a walk around this area nowadays at 11.00 am on a Sunday morning and you'll hardly see a soul ........... a great photograph Richard........ regards, Webmaister
See photograph of Newlands East Church on London Road


August 2004, Extract from email, John Paton, Australia,  
" church closed down in 1967 then I went to St Francis in the east church where I joined the 228th BB being captained by Neil Dunn who as you said was a top bloke I was there till 1970 and it was one of the best times in my life...

October 2006, Extract from messageboard, GlescaPal Ronnie, London 

This lovely wee painting by Tommy McGibbon and dated 1935 was given tae me by Charlie McDonald oan him and Maureen's visit tae London aboot two years ago. Noo. And listen tae this.

I was luikin at the Webmaisters excellent BB site when I came tae a picture of "the 228 Boys Brigade entering Newlands Church in the London Road".
Which was directly opposite the building in this painting. Check oot then the paneled ootside door in the photograph, which is exactly similar tae the one in the painting.

I kin clearly remember the the wet fish shope in the picture, and the wee lane aside it that took ye through tae the 'Herry Ham'. And wasn't the paper shope in the fifties owned by a guy caud Tommy O'Neil. Check oot the photograph .......
Regards, Ronnie

April 2017, Email, James McGibbon, age 65, Glasgow.                                                            
Hello Wull,  I by chance clicked on the link for BB on the email from Richard Evans June 2004 and was pleasantly surprised to see the painting by T McGibbon. Tommy was my uncle.
My granda lived on the top floor of the little building his name was Robert McGibbon formerly McKibbin. You walked up the lane at the fish shop to the back and then walked up the wooden stairs to the house. I still have a photo of my cousin Mary on her bike at the bottom of the stairs. The large red sandstone building to the left was called the Gents.
They had their own steamies in the back court. My auntie Jean Morrison nee Graham worked in the fish shop when it became a fishmongerers some time later. My uncle Tommy as well as being an artist was known for his portraits of King Billy made from different colors of silver paper.  Best Wishes,  Jimmy

P.S. Tommy McGibbon was buried in Janefield Cemetery on 13 May 1938 aged 35. He was the last to be buried in the McKibbin plot in which eight were buried. The first being Robert McKibbin aged 01on 21 December 1874.

Mar.2018, email, Tam McCann, Glasgow

Received an email from my pal, with an extract from the Glasgow Eastern Standard newspaper from 1951

      "It is hoped that what is believed to be the only Boys' Brigade flute band in Scotland will make its first public appearance in Bridgeton during the next few weeks.
        It will belong to the 255th Company, attached to St.Francis-in-the-East Church, Bridgeton.
        The company's commanding officer, Capt. Bill Whitington is the driving force behind the new venture.
       He has bought 16 flutes and is teaching his boys how to play them. The band will also have two side drums and a big drum.
       Capt. Whittington who lives in Queen Mary Street, Bridgeton, is hoping that his new band will be ready to attend their first church parade soon.
       The 255th Company which have weekly outings to the coast and country, are going to Scarborough for their annual camp this summer.
        Capt. Whittington has a list of annual camps arranged for between now and 1960."

Webmaister: I was interested to read the BB company number was the 255th for when I knew this BB company in the 1960s they were the 228th.
(I assume there must have been an amalgamation and the number changed)

BB flute band






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