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    47th Glasgow Boys' Brigade, Townhead


A social history of the BB in Glasgow
 photos and memories preserved on GlescaPals for future generations.


*47th Glasgow
Company, the Boys Brigade was formed 115 Nov. 1886 and was attached to Glasgow Cathedral (High Church)
*In session 1958-1959 the company closed

*In session 31st August 2013 the company re-formed and was attached to Glasgow Cathedral
*In session 2017-2018 the company closed


Barony Church History
The Barony congregation of the Church of Scotland was in existence for several hundred years in Glasgow, in the neighbourhood of Glasgow Cathedral. When the old church building was deemed to be in a state of terminal disrepair, the congregation and their minister, the Reverend John Marshall Lang, raised funds for a new building.
The new Barony Church, located on the opposite side of Cathedral Square, the site of the former Townhead Gas Works, was opened in 1889. 
In 1985, the final service was held in the church and the building was sold to the University of Strathclyde. After its restoration, for which the University was awarded international prizes, the building came into use as the University's Barony Hall, hosting graduations, examinations and functions. The Barony congregation dispersed in 1985

47th Glasgow Boys' Brigade
Barony Church, McLeod Street, Townhead, Glasgow

Jim Waddell just newly promoted from the Lifeboys to the Company section c1948
taken in McLeod St. ootside the church hall.



16 Oct 2008,  (GlescaPal jasdell) Jim Waddell, Huntingdon, Cambridge.
Hi my name is Jim Waddell.I was born at 65 Mollinsburn St. Springburn in 1937. The schools I went to whilst there were, Mollinsburn St Primary, Gourlay St, Colston Rd and Elmvale St.
I then moved to 3 Glebe St in the Townhead where I went to Townhead Primary and then on to the City Public.
I joined the RAF in 1954 and served three years as a cook. After a spell working in Sheffield I returned to Glasgow (my parents had now moved to 14 Morrin Square) where I became a tram driver until just before they were made redundant. I then got married and moved to Lesmahagow. My marriage didn't last so I went back into the RAF, in 1965, as a Dental Technician. After demob I went to work in Germany, circa 1970, having learned the language. In Germany I was offered a job with NAAFI and I became a shop manager. I returned to England, still with NAAFI in 1983 and lived in Chippenham in Wiltshire, then my wife, who I had met whilst in Germany, and I moved to our present location. Ramsey Forty Foot near Huntingdon Cambridge. I had two children from my first marriage and they both live in Gosport, England. I am now retired.
This is a precis of my life, as I would need a book to fill in the details. Thank you all for the welcome to 'GlescaPals' and I hope I will spend some time on a great site.




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