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       89th Glasgow Boys' Brigade 


A social history of the BB in Glasgow
 photos and memories preserved on GlescaPals for future generations.


89th Glasgow
Company, the Boys Brigade was formed 31 March 1888 and was attached to Gorbals Mission Abstainer's Union

In session 1890-1891 the company closed.

08 Feb 1893 the company re-
formed and was attached to Cumberland Street UP Church

In session 1927-1928 the company moved to Oatlands UF Church

In session 1929-1930 the company moved to Shearer Memorial Church

In session 1962-1963 the company moved to Oatlands Trinity Church and then the Company closed 1966-1967



Email. 24 Jan 2018, Kate Hopkins
(nee Young), Age 69, Wellington, New Zealand
I have a battered old leather-bound bible belonging to my late father which has the Boys Brigade insignia on the front with the words at the bottom "The Boys' Brigade" and a sticker inside the front cover awarding my father 1st Prize for Regular Attendance at the
89th Glasgow Company for the sessions 1911-1912
           He was Piper Hugh Young.  If you have a collection of historical memorabilia from that era, and you would like to add this to it,
I would be happy to post it to you. No offence will be taken if you decline the
offer.  I am looking at decluttering my home and this turned up.  I was born in Glasgow and made the trip to New Zealand in 1967 at the age of 19 to seek excitement and adventure, and have been here ever since.  My parents remained in Glasgow until they passed away.

Webmaister:- Kate, thanks you for getting in touch. I would be delighted to put photographs of the bible onto my website if your able to email them to me. Sorry I cant accept your offer to receive the bible,  I work from home and don’t have the space to store such items.

I had a look to see if the 89th Glasgow company was still in existence, but sadly not. See above for Company history, your Dad would have been in the company when it was attached to Cumberland Street UP Church.

Email. 31 Jan 2018, Kate Hopkins, Age 69, Wellington, New Zealand 

Dear Webmaister,  I am chuckling because it sounds as though I am addressing a High Priest of some secret Order of the Spiders – whereas I am sure you are not (?) Attached are photos of my Dad’s Bible. 
Over to you as to whether you think anyone might be remotely interested, given how long ago it was.  Keep up the good work!

Kia Ora from Wellington, Kate.       




Bible awarded to Piper Hugh Young


1st prize for regular attendance session 1911-1912

presented by Captain Alexander Ross

Email. 11 Mar 2023, Kate Hopkins,
Wellington, New Zealand

Dear Webmaister (still makes me laugh)

I was delighted to receive your email with the news that my Dad’s old BB Bible will hit the digital age through your web page.  I have moved houses in recent years and, whilst I know it is here somewhere, I just cannot lay my hands on said Bible. 

However, should you wish to complete the story
I enclose two photos of Hugh Young, unfortunately none of him in his BB uniform or even playing the bagpipes. 

The first will be very close to the time he was in the Boys Brigade as he lied about his age when the 1st World War broke out and enlisted with the Lovat Scouts. 

He was sent to Ypres, Belgium and was there for the whole campaign.  The photo was taken just before he left (doesn’t he look apprehensive).


        Hugh Young was born on 22 September 1898 and was
        brought up in the Gorbals.  He died in 1976, aged 78.

                      Young Army


Email. 11 Mar 2023, Kate Hopkins, (cont)
The second photo is how I remember my Dad – for some unknown reason he always wore his hat at work – perhaps he was often called away at short notice – and it caused many wry comments from his workmates. 
He was a superintendent for the Union Cold Storage Company in their Glasgow office and was sent to Argentina and Brazil in the 1920s to set up the chilled beef trade to the UK, where he stayed for 10 years and where he met his future wife (English) and married in a little town called Sao Paulo(!) 
He was extricated from Argentina when there was a revolution in Buenos Aires and my newly-wed parents returned to Glasgow.

I am guessing the photo of “Dad in the Hat” was taken in the mid 1960s at the offices of the Union Cold Storage Company, 223-231 George Street, Glasgow.  That would have made Dad around 67.  Apart from his participation in both World Wars, this was the only company he worked for and he retired at 70.
For many years they had wanted to promote him but he refused as he really enjoyed getting down to the docks to inspect the cargo coming off the Blue Star Line ships (same parent company) and visiting the meat market to chat with everyone.  Of course he also spent 10 years in South America for that company setting up the chilled meat trade, which I imagine was great fun.

I have inherited my Dad’s trait of talking to anyone and everyone at the top of my voice and being quite cheeky with it. 
To him a stranger was just a friend he hadn’t met yet.
Thanks for taking an interest in one of the “old boys” – Piper Hugh Young will be tickled pink as he keeps an eye on me from above.
Kindest regards, Kate


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