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          The Boys Brigade Jubilee, Glasgow 1933  


A social history of the BB in Glasgow
 photos and memories preserved on GlescaPals for future generations.


The Jubilee in 1933 was the biggest event ever held in the history of The Boys' Brigade : numbers were at their very best, with a total enrolment of 111,871 Boys and 52,219 Life Boys. Jubilee weeks, pageants, displays and thanksgivings were to be held up and down the land.

The Jubilee Review took place at Queen's Park Recreation Ground
on Saturday 10th September with a parade state of 32,520 Officers and Boys. 100 special trains and as many buses carried the B.B. to Queen's Park where 16 schools were open to provide 1230 breakfasts, 10,949 lunches and 17,700 teas during that long exciting day.

The Inspecting Officer for the great event was His Royal Highness, Prince George, in naval uniform. The Parade of 17 Battalions was led by the lst Glasgow, under their Captain, Douglas Pearson Smith, son of the Founder. 637 pipers formed the Massed Pipe Bands, all bravely playing 'Highland Laddie'. The most dramatic moment was the Advance in Review order - thousands upon thousands of Boys advancing as one man - over a quarter of the total strength of the Brigade. No wonder Prince George said:
"I want to congratulate every one of you on this parade. Your appearance and efficiency have served to show that the spirit of The Boys' Brigade is stronger than ever. The King warmly congratulates the Brigade on reaching the fiftieth milestone of its life of valuable service to the youth of our country, and desires me to express His Majesty's best wishes for the continued welfare and prosperity of the Boys' Brigade."

The National Anthem brought the official Review to an end, then cheers upon cheers for their royal visitor, and pill-boxes thrown high in the air. Then, from all over the ground came the rising chorus of the Jubilee Song, from more than 80,000 Boys and spectators more or less in unison:


SEE old 3 minute VIDEO of the BB Jubilee in Glasgow
Glasgow BB 1933

( after 30 secs sound comes on )
What a thrill to have been part of that, over 32,000 in Queens Park,
well done Pathe News for capturing this wonderful spectacle.

                         Jubilee Sunday brought the largest open-air service ever held in this country, the Conventicle at Hampden Park, normally the scene of league and international football matches. There were 130,000 men and women, boys and girls and members of the B.B. in the ground, and at least another 100,000 outside, who could not get in. They had to be content with the distant sound from the loudspeakers. The Right Reverend Lauchlan Maclean Watt, , poet, preacher and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, conducted the Service of Worship. His text was, 'Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast.' and to the Boys' he said: 
"You are the world-builders, the centuries are growing in your hearts. You are the Children of the Daybreak and the Young Hopefuls of Jesus Christ. So today we thank God for the spiritual genius of William Smith who, building better than he knew, liberated a dream that has been an instrument of blessing for humanity"

              Jubilee badge 1933 


Glasgow Boys' Brigade Review at Ibrox Park in 1938 Glasgow Boys' Brigade Review at Queens Park in 1939,
with 20,000 boys on parade.

Anyone have any information about this 1933, 1938 or 1939 events?




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