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Riverside Senior Secondary School 1962 ... 15yr olds

Photograph sent in by Glesga Pal  Elspeth Crosbie (nee Bell )

Top Row
1 Cathy Henderson  
5. Grace Morgan
9. Jane Hughes
6. Sheila McDonald
3. Maisie Laird
7. Rita McVey
4. Cathy Bowman 
8. Elizabeth Davidson  
3rd Row
1  Jacqueline Deas 
5. Elizabeth Murphy  
9. Marilyn Deas  
2. Fay Gorman 
6.  Eileen May
10. Teacher Miss Simpson
3. Jean Archibald 
7.Elizabeth Anderson
8. Cathy Wright 
2nd Row
1 Anna Gemmill  
5. Georgina Thorburn
2. Roberta
6. Christine
Elspeth Bell
3. Anne McCormack 
7. Margaret Welsh 
4. Jean McLure 
8. Janet Green 
Front Row 1 Eileen O'Hara 
5. Linda Proudfoot 
6. Patricia Buchanan
3.  4. Esther McGreevy 


Extract from email April 2003, James McKenna
Webmaister  re. Elspeth Crosbie's excellent class photo (1962) I am almost certain that fifth from the left (second row) and next to Jean McLure is Sandra Gray. Sandra like Elspeth was a classmate of mine at 'Springi' Primary. Sandra lived up the next close to me in Dalmarnock Road, right next to Drummond's the Chemists. Number 327 if my memory still holds up."


Extract from email August 2003, ( Elspeth Crosbie (nee Bell )
eight new  names sent to me by Anne Watt (nee McCormack ), please add them to the class photo...."
Extract from email December 2003, Sandra Mitchell
" Firstly let me both say thank you for a wonderful site,and congratulations for it's content.
My name is Sandra Mitchell (nee Dunn) 
Whilst searching your site I found a school picture of my mum,1962 Riverside senior secondary.Her name is Patricia Buchanan.
Although I can remember this picture,it was unfortunately lost during a flood in our home.We lost a lot of things but  most importantly ALL our photies!
Finding this on your site is fantastic.It would be great to give my mum a copy of this picture,is this possible? "
Webmaister : Merry Christmas Sandra photo on its way.....

Please contact me if you can put a name to a face.


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