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Streets of Bridgeton     

Kirkpatrick Street  picture taken at junction of Barrowfield St. looking towards London Road.
The Premier Picture Hall in Kirkpatrick Street was known locally as the 'wee Geggie'

The entrance to the ' Geggie' was between the two rainwater pipes, below the bay window
Extract from e-mail, Ronnie McPhee, London, England, Nov.2002  (E-mail
".......white blinds fully down in a Glesca windae was a sign that someone had gone to meet their maker. Me and my pals would, on seeing white blinds, knock the door to pay our "last respects" each with our fingers crossed that the coffin lid would not yet be in place. (I know, I know, terrible bad taste, but we were kids brought up on X films at The Geggie in Kirkpatrick Street)"  
Extract from guestbook, Marian Harrison, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, Feb.2003
I was very interested to come across this site. My father lived on either Kilpatrick Street, or Kirkpatrick Street as a child. He ran away from home when he was fourteen years old. His father's name was James and his mother's name was Isobel. He had a bout seven siblings. He had a sister Marian for whom I was named. I have no other information and would be interested if anyone knows anything about my family in Scotland.     (E-Mail: tba )
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