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Streets of Bridgeton                                        

Savoy Street  page 2   page 1

                                                                     Savoy Street at Main Street pend


Joe taken when he was 3 or 4yrs
old in his wee single-end at 
No.6 Savoy St. around 1959-60.

Close No. 6 was next to the 
old pend or arcade that ran 
from the square in Savoy St. 
on to the Main St.

Joe Skivington, Oct.2003, 
                       Kelso, Scotland

See Skivington's family webpage

"I can well remember being awoken by my mother in the early hours of a few Sunday mornings.
"Quick Joseph, get up!" she would shout, "the building's on fire!!"
The cause was always the same. The alkys living on the top floor would come home from the pub and put the chip pan on the gas. (fatal)
The fire would always be in the roof of the building, but we all had to evacuate, sometimes in the pouring rain, into the square in Savoy St. and wait there in just our night clothes  till the fire brigade had done their job.
As a child, I noticed that the adults were all clutching biscuit tins under their arms, and my curiosity got the better of me. My mother told me that the people kept their insurance policies in these tins, and it was imperative that you grabbed hold of your  tin if you ever had to evacuate the building. (sensible)   
On one of these occasions my father was standing with our tin, gazing up at the flames licking out of the roof. My mother asked "Shug, where did you get that tin?" "In the sideboard" he replied.
"Ya bloody eejit!" she screamed, as she clipped him round the lug. "That's a tin of biscuits!!"
He had grabbed the wrong tin   ( I swear this is a true story. from the early 1960's......Joe)"


The view from the pend looking down Savoy Street to Reid Street.
Sacred Heart chapel and primary school can be seen and of course the ever present Ruby St flats.


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