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Streets of Bridgeton                                        

Bridgeton Cross.  London Road junction of Orr Street  
 Whitelaws pub........get together


This boozer used to be called 'The Seven Ways' which alluded to the seven main roads into Bridgeton Cross...
namely...i) London Road (west)      ii) Dalmarnock Road.     iii) Main Street      iv) James Street
            v) Orr Street                      vi) Summer Street          vii) London Road (east)
Extract from e-mail  October 2003 Willie Gibson, Glasgow,  (email tba)
Hi I am, along with Nessie Tarbut, arranging a group { Berrnie Punters } meeting. 
Nessie has a Pub ---the Whitelaws at Bridgeton Cross and she has agreed to provide the Buffet on Tuesday afternoon on the 30th December. Hope that you can make it . Best Wishes Willie{ Billy} Gibson
Webmaister:  nice tae hear from you I didnae go tae Bernie!! Are 'Johnny' and 'Rivvy' ex-pupils welcome?  I'll put an advert oan mah website about your wee doo you can let me know your answer tae mah question.
Extract from e-mail  November 2003 Willie Gibson, (email tba)
Hi Yes , You are most welcome, there will be some ex Dalmarnock punters
there . Great that you can put out a notice as well Best Wishes. Willie Gibson
Extract from e-mail  December 2003 Merle Gallagher, Glasgow (email tba)
I am e-mailing you to see if you would like to come to a friends meeting at Whitelaws pub, 621 London Road, Bridgeton Cross on Tuesday30th December.
Time to be arranged, probably afternoon.Billy Gibson will contact friends from school. I will contact as many as I can. Please pass message on to as many people that you can get hold of that went to school with us or who lived in the Bridgeton, Dalmarnock area. thanks Merle, Nessie.
Extract from e-mail  December 2003 Mary Ross, Australia (email tba)
I was looking through my favourite webpage and was showing Tommy (my husband) the picture of Whitelaws pub and he remembers it as "the seven ways"  We actually had a laugh together as we were trying to work our what would be alongside the pub as he was trying to remember what else was there and trying to tell me where the picture house was etc. and then we looked up at the wall in front of my computer and there we were looking straight at two pictures we have of Bridgeton Cross and right in the middle was  the pub  LOL    But in our pictures it looks like the pub was bigger, going further left along London Road but we think now that as Glasgow folks  are not drinking so much that is probably why you have wee pubs now  LOL 



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