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Streets of Bridgeton                                        


Swanston Street at the junction of French Street.
Extract from e-mail, Jean Cameron, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Sept.2002, (E-mail : tba )
"Great site, My dad lived at Swanston St then on Arcadia street. As a child I walked all of these streets........"   
Extract from e-mail, Bryan Graham, Farnborough, Hampshire, Sept.2002, (E-mail tba )
"Have you got any pics of Swanston Street? I lived there in the early 60's, and would like to show 
 my kids where I lived.  Would be grateful if you could help.




The Wilson family lived in Swanston Street in the early 1900's, there were seven girls and three boys and I have a photograph of two of the sisters, 
see them in
Glesga FolkJeannie & Jessie
.Nov.2007 extract from email Anne Lord, New Zealand
Dear Webmaister many thanks for your email.  A wee bit about me and my sisters (margaret. agnes,) We were born in Hogganfield st Blackhill.  but our parents came from calton . and Margaret & I moved to SWANSTON ST when we got married  she is coming over tomorrow to look at your website  Her hubby Tommy came from Bellgrove st so we were happy to find your site from a friend of maggies.
Tommy would love some photos of bellgrove and milanda bakeries where he worked  maggie and i both worked for Bowies drycleaners and got a house with the job. so great to see swanston st ,also Stevenston st where i had my first house. Great memories . Also i went to charlotte st 1953/1956 so would love a photo.
  If anyone would like to get in touch from hogganfield st/drumpellier st  bowies days we would be happy to hear from them.
Have got so many friends out here from all over nz that we have met through the years since we came here (1966). Agnes would like to hear what became of the boyle family from acrehill st. 
Been to the HIGHLAND GAMES today in AUCKLAND a great day also a good place to promote GlesgaPals ,you should have seen the queue for scottish pies ,haggis, tattie scones .and listened to all the pipe bands and the lassies dancing and all the stalls for all the different clans promoting Scotland It will never die out here. Nostalgia right enough. Sorry about the text etc here ,but just a learner and doing 1 hand typing. bye for now. HAERE RA  (goodbye in maori)
Swanston Street at Dalmarnock Railway Station photos



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