Hullo's it gon!

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Glesca phrases
& patter

Glesca folk don't like to pronounce their "t's" and our dialect is full of humour  and some wonderful put downs..........

Glesca's pure ded brull-yant

Glasgow is a great City

awra best folk cum frae brigton All the best people are born in Bridgeton
Hows it gon ? how are you keeping?

Hullaw ther, hows it gon

Hello, how are you keeping?

geeza brek  ......gonny geeza brek Please give me some peace, leave me a lone, go away etc
c'mon get aff A bus driver asking you to get off his bus
Ah get aff at the next stoap The next bus stop is where I alight
erra perra chairs ower ther There is a pair of chairs over there
They're a perra warmers Pointing out two odd people
Whit a glaiket looking burd An ugly woman
Gonny 'no dae that please don't do that
gonny geeza a haun please help me
This disnae wurk the item concerned does not work
where's the lavvy could you tell me where the toilet is?
nae borra no bother at all
whit a minging night the weather's atrocious tonight
its stoatin aff the grun Its raining very heavy, so heavy its bouncing off the street
Gie it laldy, belt it oot sing loudly
She's ah stoater that girl is gorgeous
Ahm gon hame, Ahm joe the toff Say this when you are going home, leaving company
Ahm no comin hame tae ra morra I'll be home tomorrow
Ah'm scunnert wi him I am fed up with him
gie him a hauf an ah'll hiv wan tae Two whiskys please 
Ahm dying fur a pint I am very thirsty and would like a Pint of beer
An wan fur yersell !! A phrase barman like to hear 'give yourself a drink'
Mah heids burstin' I have an aching sore head....normally due to hangover
Kin ah go oot tae play Normally a childs plea to his mother 'can I go out to play'
Hiv ye eny pokes could I have a paper bag 
a pokey hat an ice cream cone for children 
I'll skelp yer erse if ah get any mer lip A mother telling her child to behave ...or else
Teddy bears, the Gers, boys in blue Glasgow Rangers FC
A bluenose  A Rangers supporter
The bhoys, the celts, timalloys Glasgow Celtic FC
eejit, bampot, plonker, diddy etc a person you think is an idiot 
Ah slid and landed oan ma jaxie A phrase explaining that you fell and landed on your bum
Och his heids up his a*** he is talking rubbish
whit ah guff what is that smell!
Away 'n bile yer heid stop talking nonsense
Ur ye talking tae me ur chewin a brick you are talking nonsense
Whits that fur? If looking at an object we are asking "what does it do"
If you were hit or stared at, You would be enquiring.."Why?"
Get yer hauns aff Unhandle me!
Lee-me-alane Leave me alone



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