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Bridgeton author & poet

Hugh MacDonald, 1817-1860

A writer and naturalist, Hugh Macdonald was born in Rumford St. Bridgeton, 
the eldest of eleven children, and was apprenticed as a block engraver at the Barrowfield calico-printing works founded by the Monteith brothers. His literary gifts were appreciated by James Hedderwick, founder of the Citizen newspaper, who offered him a job on the paper.   
It was here that the famous Rambles Round Glasgow first appeared, they appeared at intervals during the course of 3 successive years.
He lived at 92 John Street (now Tullis St ), Bridgeton when the first publication came out in 1854. A second edition followed in 1856 then a third edition was published in Glasgow in 1878 by Dunn & Wright. 

Here is an extract of what he wrote about the Glasgow Green :
ew towns can boast such a spacious and beautiful public park as the Green of Glasgow, with its wide-spreading lawns, its picturesque groups of trees, its far-winding walks, its numerous delicious springs, and, above all, its rich command of scenery. The "lungs of London" may exceed it in extent of surface and in artificial adornment, but in beauty of situation and variety of prospect, our own Green certainly surpasses any of the street-girt metropolitan breathing-places
The Green of Glasgow lies to the south-east of the city, on the north bank of the Clyde, which, in a fine bold sweep, forms its southern boundary. It embraces in all about 140 imperial acres, and is surrounded by a carriage-drive two and a-half miles in length, besides being intersected in every direction by gravelled walks, overhung in some instances by the foliage of stately trees, which forms a pleasant screen from the noon-day sun or the pelting shower; while every here and there seats have been erected for the convenience of the weary lounger.
Hugh MacDonald 
is commemorated 
by a fountain in 
Glasgow Green, 
the setting of one
 of his Rambles.






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