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Shirley Robb (nee Crainey)  &  Charles Robb

Shirley Crainey & Charlie Robb, both born in Bridgeton, attended the same primary school and lived a few streets from each other. Charlie, who is two years older, lived in Ruby Street while Shirley lived opposite the school in Albany Street. They started 'winching' when Shirley was sweet 17 and married two years later in 1956.   Shirley's parents moved to the USA two months later and she and Charlie followed in 1958. They have always lived in Brooklyn, New York and have two sons, Ian and Craig.

P.S. 249 THE  CATON SCHOOL, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Shirley went to college and got a B.A. in education and went on to get a Master's in Sci in Ed in Reading She has been a 3rd Grade ( 8yr olds) teacher specialising in reading at the school her son's attended. The photograph above shows Shirley with her 1988 class of 8 year olds, she tells me half of them were absent with chicken-pox!
See Shirley's class photograph when 14yrs old John Street Secondary School 1950
See Charlie's class photograph when 13yrs old Bernard Street Secondary School 1947
See Dalmarnock Primary School website  (for class photographs 1945,1947,1949 )

Shirley's mother Mary Crainey (nee Hamilton ) lived to the ripe old age of 93, she passed away in February 2002, just 3 months short of her 94th birthday. Mary left Barrowfield Street School when she was 11 years old to look after the 'weans'. Despite her short education Scotland's reputation of quality schooling and high standards ensured that Mary was a wonderful letter writer, as many recipients will justify. Aged 48, she and her husband, who was 52 emigrated to America in 1956! A lot of guts at their ages....hardy Glasgwegians!!
See Mary's class photograph when aged approx 11yrs old Barrowfield Primary School 1918/19


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