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Jimmy & Esther McGhee

Glesca tae New Zealand


Esther & Jimmy taken c1960.

Esther is from Hutchison district of Glasgow and Jimmy is from the Plantation district and he has fond memories of his time running aroon the streets the o' Glesga.
Jimmy also frequented Brigton and was caught on camera at Bridgeton Cross in 1953 as can be seen in the photograph below.. Married to his sweetheart Esther they emigrated to New Zealand.

Or as Jimmy puts it "Ah wisnae running fae the polis, but on the other haun ah think they would have had a big party if they had known ah wis leaving the country! Mah wee Esther, mah lovely wife,  telt me ah wis  gon tae New Zealand, so mah haun was up mah back!
Now here is where it gets interesting they sold there house in Renfrew and put half the money into each others bank account and while Esther continued to save oor Jimmy wis spending his money oan drink!!!
When the time came for them to buy their plane ticket Jimmy didnae have enough money!
Jimmy takes up the story "Well imagine Esther's face she wis livid! But anyhow mah Maw must have wanted rid o' me anaw cause she payed mah fare and we were aff tae the new world"


 Jimmy, in the middle standing at
 'the toll' Bridgeton Cross in 1953
 during the Queen's Coronation.
Incredibly this photograph when published 
on this website brought Jimmy in contact
with a long lost pal who is in this photo also.!

Here is how the great man described it on the messageboard in his own inimitable style
Well pal's its bin 50 year's since yurs-truly wiss therr, bit even tho a wisny frae' the district, a considered masel a Glesga buddy that kid go enywerr in ma Beloved City an still feel at hame, noo a didny sae' safe, bit bein' lang an skinny a cud muve like the wind, bit wen a seen that pic o' the cross in 1953 wi' me in it av since bin in touch wi' a cupla uther Plantation folk so bein' oan Wull's site huss enriched oor life's heep's an wit kin a dae' ti' pye him bak, its an uncanny feelin' lookin' bak aw em' wonderful year's ago, wiff twa people o' that time, its a sma' yiss aw.
  Jimmy NZ


Esther and Jimmy landed in New Zealand in September 1964 it was hot!
Jimmy told me it took Esther and him  dunky's years to come together, they have now been with each other for 48 years(2004) and unfortunately his dear darling Esther isn't keeping the best of health but she is glad they stuck the 'gither!

Jimmy said " I the Hutchison lass a merrit is jist lik hurr wunnerful mum Jessie McIlwraith o' Ballater Street. 
Grand Glesga Wimmen, noo pal's werr widd we huv gote oan sae' we'll wiffoot em' Glesga gal pal's a love awl
Glesga's ladies werr ivur ye may be "

Jimmy & Esther still live in New Zealand

Jimmy 1990
Ayr, Scotland




Well Mah Glesga Pal's
Its awl yuse folk that mak tis wunnerfuul site sae' guid, an therr is olwis sumbudy cum's oot wi' sumfin we've aw dun in the very dearest past, that mak's us sit bak an fink aboot, jist lovely memorie's o' dear auld Glesga Toon an its infammy.      Yis we huv o' bin guilty o' bein' glaikit, bit wee kin laff at oorsel's easy,peasy. An' Ronnie  ah furr wan  like yurr filosify so keep it simple, an have a Guid-Safe Noo-Year everybody, yurr aw in oor  thote's.  
Wha's like us Nae'budy ""


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January 2004, Webmaister, Glasgow
"Well how about these photos then? Jimmy and Esther are in their twilight years and they both don't keep the best of health. Jimmy loves Glesga Pals and is on the messageboard often keeping us updated on his beloved Esther and telling us tales o' Glesga past.
You can't help but fall in love with the man and he has made many, many new Pals this past year, we are all one big family."
PS  special mention here to a wonderful lady, Chrissie, who helped me enormously with this page

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