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The Leith children                                      

 Various photographs from the Glesga Pals archives.



Tommy & Mary Leith were both born in God's country .... Bridgeton!
Tommy at No.7 Summer Street and Mary at No.707 Dalmarnock Road 
They married and set-up home in nearby Parkhead.
This photograph was taken at their close mouth at 32 Thornhill St, Parkhead around 1952/3. 
The wee girl sitting on the right is their daughter Carol Leith and the boy is her cousin Johnny.

The tenements in Thornhill Street have been demolished. 


Carol Leith again with her cousin Johnny, photograph taken a few years later
at the top of Muiryfauld Drive adjacent to Tollcross park.



In the early 1950's a job opportunity came to Tommy Leith to work at the Rolls Royce plant in East Kilbride, a new town just south of Glasgow. The family took the option to be rehoused and moved to their new home in Bosfield Rd, East Kilbride. 


At the time this picture was taken, Carol was the only child. Her big sister - Anna - died of meningitis on Christmas Day 1950 aged 18 months, at 32 Thornhill Street, where the picture of the close mouth (above) was taken.   
Carol was born in January 1951 a fortnight after her sister died.
She suffered severely from athsma at the time and the move to the fresh air of East Kilbride may well have saved her life.
The Leith family was complete when two sons were born, Gordon in 1960 and Thomas in 1965, two wee brothers for Carol!

This picture was taken in the family's 
first house in Bosfield Road. 
Circa 1953.

Fabulous image of the wee girl staring into the budgie's cage. Many houses had these bird cages on a metal pole stand in these Granny's house had one I'll always remember her two budgies, a blue one called Kitchie and a green one called Joey. 
My other memory is the bird seed she bought, Trill.
'Trill makes budgies bounce with health .. trill trill. trill'


more photographs of the Leith family  


 Various photographs from the Glesga Pals archives


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