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 Various photographs from the GlescaPals archives.


The Leith's


My thanks to my pal Gordon Leith for sending in these family photographs.
The photo of the supporters bus shows his dad Tommy Leith standing at the back holding the scarf up in the air, behind the man in glasses. The old photograph below was taken c1910 is Gordon's Granny, Annie Leith.


Rangers supporters bus leaving from Crail Street, Parkhead c1950
Back row 2nd left Willie LeithBack row holding the scarf in the air is Tommy Leith & Alex Meikle



Tommy Leith's mother

Annie Leith
from Parkhead
cc 1910

Don't know who 
the wee boy is


Tommy Leith on his 80th birthday
celebrated ....where else ...the Ibrox blue room!

Tommy was born at No.7 Summer Street Bridgeton,
on 13 Jan 1922 son of Robert & Annie Leith. (photo above)
Sadly his Da died on 20th Jan 1923 a week after his 1st birthday and his Ma died when he was only 8 yrs old.

But from such a traumatic start in life, Tommy went on to enjoy a happy life married to Mary and the father of four children. A loving father and grandfather sadly missed ....
but not forgotten.

Tommy died on 29th Nov.2003


 See Tommy's 1939 army photo


Gordon also sent me the photo of Parkhead children at the close with his sister Carol Leith

Well Gordon that's your family immortalised...a lifetime entry in GlescaPals !  
Get your family on here see index page for details.


 Various photographs from the GlescaPals archives


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