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Bill & Helen McKinlay



Ontario Canada


Helen & Bill taken Glasgow 1952




Helen Hain worked for
Mitchell's Imperial Tobacco company
this photograph with Bill, was taken
at the Christmas staff dance in 1952
at the Plaza Ballroom in Glasgow.

Helen says "....get a load o' the
evening gloves and matching
dolly bag. I was as flat as a pancake
in those days and I had to have the
dress stitched tight so that it would
not turn when I turned!
Definitely nothing there to hold it
in place, changed days now...."


Helen was born in a single end at 54 Fisher Street, Dennistoun Glasgow she lived there with her Ma, Da & big brother until a bomb landed at the top of Dunchatten St then they moved to Dunoon during the war where they had relatives, before returning to Dennistoun. 
Helen attended Golfhill Primary School in Dennistoun, ..... see her 1947 class photograph, then she attended Whitehill Secondary School. The family moved to Barlanark in 1951

Bill was born in 1936 and attended Tureen Street Primary School in Calton, Glasgow. Bill would be around 9 yrs old when this 1945 class photograph was taken. He then furthered his education at that wonderful old Bridgeton school - John Street Senior Secondary where he played for the the school football team

Bill & Helen were married in Trinity Duke St church in 1956 and lived in McIntosh Street, Dennistoun........ how about this for a wedding day.......Extract from GlescaPals mesageboard
.... 1956 wur gettin merried in the glesga fair, friday was the plan, bit a fun oot that friday wis gawny be the 13th am no gittin merried oan the 13th so we chinged it tae the 14th,jist a quiet weddin, 4 of us,church, dinner and a show it the Pavilion, 
I shoed a hud a premonition when the army took wur best man tae dae national service the week before the weddin, ma pals man agreed tae take his place, a shood add a didnae want tae git wed in Barlanark church a wantit merried in the church a went tae in Duke St. 
So there we are, 4of us in a private hire car ootside Trinity Duke St church an the church is shut, wan a ma uncles heads up tae the manse, only tae be telt thit the minister wis away tae Edinburgh, meanwhile we've been tae the wardens hoose an gote the keys a the church, a coodny get the big doors open, so a took thim a in thru the vestry there was quite a crowd o people by this time. Back cums the uncle wae nae minister, he tried phonin Martha St reg office  its the Glesga fair we shut early nae help therr.
Wan a the family spots a man o the cloth comin oot a cochranes wae his messages & explains the situation tae him , I"ll dae the service says he bit he hid the nerve tae say tae Bill dae ye still want tae go thru way this,? its yer last chance, gote tae the restrant they'd gied wur table tae sumdy else, manager told people whit hid occured an aw the tables goet shuved the gither tae make room, ye kin image the cracks fae the Glesga folk, 
Gets tae the Pavilion ,n Tommy Morgan hud been telt by ma daft relatives ,we wer the butt a aw the jokes that night a kin tell ye that's ma memory o the Glesga Fair an mah wedding day


Helen ( handsome) is an avid fan o'the GlescaPals mesageboards 
                                                                                    here are some more of her posts......
Wedding customs.
when a worked in Mitchell's tobacca, the lassies therr took turns it makin wee bride dolls, a lot a work went intae the makin o them ,hand sewn dress ,veil a nice wee bouquet a floors an a wee head-dress usually made fae sumbidy's auld pearl necklace,and it was made tae sit oan the middle of yer bed.
Noo that Gelfer's crowd fae Brigton   they made a hula skirt oot a ties and a white top wae a big red L oan it dressed poor Bill stuck a chanty in his haun's ,they filled it wae salt fur luck and a wee baby doll sitting in the salt and they took him tae the X ( Bridgeton Cross ) and left him under the umbrella at rush hour on fair friday, and he hud tae stawn there tae a driver feeling sorry fur him gave him a lift hame,a wunder dae the factory lassies still dae daft things like that noo a days any bidy remember hearin ,Hard up kick the can oor wee mary's goat a man ,an they wid be bangin pot lids or oany thin else thit made a noise ??
Leaving Glasgow
Sept 1966 the family came tae the station tae see me oan the boat train, jist ma Ma and Da came oan the train wae me and the 3 weans, {Bill hud flew awr in July cause he hud a job tae start} a wis fine tae the piper on Greenock pier started playing 'will ye no come back again' as the wee tender took us oot tae the big liner, an ma mammy wis greetin' her eyes oot, ah wis takin her 1st three Granweans tae the other side o' the world, the two of them came ower in July 1967 tae make sure we wurnae starvin.
I've always been too busy tae get homesick wae 3 weans and 2 jobs a wis fortunate enough that a could afford the cheap flights fae here when a needed tae go hame, bit Bill would have gone back before the year wis oot. 
I gave him a plane ticket fur a xmas pressie, two weeks in ma ma's cauld end room soon cured him, it wis years before he mentioned gawn back tae stay again! .


.This photograph was taken at Bill & Helen's retirement apartment in Ontario, May 2004.
".........Webmaister thanks again for all the time and effort you put into Glesga Pals. 
Thanks to you I am in contact with pals around the world......"

 Golden Wedding Anniversary

Lovely photograph taken 14th July 2006, Ontario
 celebrating the Golden Wedding Anniversary  of Bill & Helen McKinlay

Wonderful memories & photos Bill & Helen ..thanks for sharing them with us, God bless.


..... a lifetime entry in GlescaPals..........details .







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