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  Bridgeton Methodist Church   



Bridgeton Methodist Church

James Street  -  Landressy Street

 The 155th Glasgow Boys' Brigade met at this church

We knew this as the Ebenezer's Hall in my day.



 Apr.2008 GlescaPal Wilma, Canada
"......the Methodist Church wis at the corner of James Street and Landressy Street. 
The pastors son wis in ma class at school, his name wis Jonathan Parsons a think and he wis in ma class in wee John Street an we sat oor qualy in 1954. He then went tae big John Street. If a kin remember right the school used tae take us tae that church once a month. A mind when we walked up tae the church it was the big thing tae try an juke up a close when the teacher wisnie lookin. The dinner school wis held in the church hall."
May.2008 GlescaPal Josey Pritchard, Brisbane, Australia
That photo brought back a lot of memories for me. I was a member of the 155th BB Coy which met in the tower.
A great photograph Webbie.Cheers Josey "
Oct.2008 GlescaPal Ronnie Stevenson, Mount Florida, Glasgow.  (email tba)
" ....I attended Bridgeton Methodist from birth in 1945 until it was closed down about 1964. The congregation transferred to St Thomas' in the Gallowgate, a chapel-at-ease built by Rev Thomas Chalmers, but taken over by the Methodist Church sometime in the earlier part of the twentieth century. Bridgeton Methodist Central Halls were built as a response to the poverty after the first world war years. The suite of halls were there to provide a social function and missionary type function.
The main hall inside was a huge cinema type hall used for showing films and holding concerts - I was told Harry Lauder was among those who sang or performed there in the thirties. It had a large pipe organ which my dad played on occasion for fun but the organist when I was there was Miss Parsonage, who also taught piano and was the sister of George Parsonage, the Glasgow Humane Society guy who lives in the house on the Green beside the Clyde at the Peoples Palace.
There are so many names of people who were so important in my childhood. Rev Jesse Parkins and Rev Gerald Stanger were two of the ministers who lived in the manse at 145 greenhead Street. I still see Miss Chris Dewar, my godmother who is still in touch with people who went to the Bridgeton Methodist.
Mr and Mrs Johnston were the hall keepers for years, moving to Greenhead Street when the church closed - I still see their son, Ian Johnston. I was in the 155 Life Boys and BB - Captain Walter Kelly (who was my uncle), Captain Aitken, Donald Ellis who helped out there for a number of years are some of the names I remember. I could go on...."

June 2012, Brian Piggot, Toronto, Canada
I am Brian Piggot originally of Landressy Street now just outside Toronto Canada . I have received much pleasure looking at your great site over the years and thank you for your commitment to preserving not just Glasgow history but its peoples history .
My Dad, Thomas Piggot was a member of the 155 BB out of Bridgeton Methodist Church next to my old home at 30 Landressy Street.
The Landressy Street pic would be about 1970




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