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  Salvation Army


 CHRISTENING POSTCARDS.   baby Jim Montgomery

Baby Jim Montgomery was born in Bridgeton
on 12th May 1935 and christened in the 

Salvation Army Hall at Bridgeton Cross.
I was delighted to receive these 3 postcards from him on Sept 2004, postcards his parents had lovingly kept.

The postcards were sent to the family by the Salvation Army Bridgeton Corp on his 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthdays......

Absolute treasures ...what a find, the photographs are raised and rounded

This postcard is dated 12th May 1936 


Little son so dear, you have lived a year
Mother looks with joy on her birthday boy
That you grow in grace, as the moments race
And in wisdom too, is our prayer for you



This postcard is dated 12th May 1937 

Oh the days fly fast, you are two at last
Little sunbeam lad with your smile so glad
And our hopes are high for your 'bye-and-bye'
So we greet this day in a gladsome way


This postcard is dated 12th May 1938 





It is good to grow little son you know
And we note with joy you are now a  boy
May your heart be given to that friend in heaven
Who was young like you and had birthdays too

Note the children on the photographs were unknown.... well.....see below.


This is the reverse of the 12 May 1938 postcard above, sent by the Salvation Army to young James McKissock Montgomery whose family lived at 45 Rimsdale Street, Bridgeton.
See below a photograph of the Montgomery family taken c1940.


Extract from e-mail Aug.2005, Margaret Russell, Victoria BC, Canada. Age 77

Hi - I have had a lot of fun looking over the pages of GlesgaPals. 
My mother came from Bridgeton, so many of these stories have impact. There are a lot of stories I could add, of earlier times, as my mother was born in 1888
........... you show three Cradle Roll cards that were sent to the Montogomery child when he was one, two and three. 
My mother was Cradle Roll Sergeant in Weston Corps in Winnipeg, Canada and used to give out these cards. How well I remember them, as they were so beautiful, with tints of mauve, pink and blue, with the picture of the child on the card on a raised rounded portion of the card. That was in the 1930's. 
It was mentioned that you did not know the names of the children portrayed.
In 1989, when my husband and I were in England, we stopped into a Salvation Army Citadel in Harpendon. We were cordially greeted by Bandsman Coulter, who invited us to their home for lunch. There, he told us that he was the infant that was portrayed on all of the Cradle Roll cards. Mr Coulter was at that time the owner of chemical research firm in Harpendon
.......Blessings Margaret.


photo of Jim Montgomery April 2005


The Montgomery family lived at No.45 Rimsdale St. Bridgeton this photo was taken c1940

           James       Bridie        Jim          Danny     Ina        Mary Montgomery      

This family photograph is stamped on the back with the following information :-
Portrait by Nancy Strain Shaw, Cecil Studio, 206 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

Young Jim Montgomery, is around 5 yrs old in this photo.



The postcards are very
beautiful, after scanning them 
I framed them and presented
them back to my old friend 
Jim Montgomery, who was 70
this year (2005), he was delighted.


Sadly my old pal died on 12th October 2008 after a brave fight with cancer ...... see my tribute to him





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