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 Wedding photographs from the GlescaPals archives.



GlescaPals 1st wedding !!  GlescaPals Eddie & Phyllis  24th Dec.2010


But things didn't quite go according to plan, here is Eddie's wedding week tale of mishaps.......::)

"...... there were some complications, first we all got the flu, about two weeks before the wedding, got that settled, but not the case for me.  I had to go one further, and my flu developed into a lung infection, so quick thinking me decided to go to the doctors. Good idea, she prescribed antibiotics, this was on Tuesday 21st, by Thursday I was not getting any better, woke up on Friday morning 24th, feeling even worse, went to the loo, and shouted to Phyllis, I'm in trouble, as a lumpy red rash had covered my whole body, and after about fifteen minutes my throat started to close, again phoned an emergency appointment got one for 9 am.
Don't forget I'm getting married at 3pm same day!

View DetailsI jumped into car on route to doctors my lips started to swell, (it only takes 5 min from house to surgery), by the time I got to see doctor, the whole right side of my face was twice its normal size, he diagnosed that I was allergic to the antibiotic, told me to stop taking them, and start with these new ones, along with an antihistamine, collects my prescription and heads home, by this time I looked like the Michelin man, eyes almost shut, lips twice there normal size looked as if I was absolutely blootered, then I took the new medication, didn't get peace to lie down.

Phyllis's son Harry runs into the house and announces that the wedding car that's taking Phyllis to registry office has broken down!.  I went and sorted it, then as me and Phyllis were moving some stuff over to Harry's house, I bumped the wing of our new car!
I eventually got to the reception, with my face greatly reduced in swelling size, set up the camcorder in registry office all I had to do now was wait till seconds before Phyllis was due to enter, press on camera stand back and exchange vows.

After exchanging vows and I had signed the register, it was Phyllis's turn, the registrar hands the pen containing permanent indelible ink to Phyllis.... the pen burst, all over her hand and a very tiny spot on her dress.
Panic over, I went to switch off the camcorder, only to find it was never switched on in the first place! So no recording of vows.... hence my red face

Can anyone beat that for a good start !!!



Phyllis's Son Harry and his partner Natalie, with their two children Holly and Sophie


Eddie's big brother 'Glesca Artist' and his wife Sandra with Bride & Groom


Bride & Groom


Eddie was born 24 July 1951 and brought up in Glesca's east-end, Dalmarnock along with his three elder brothers John, Thomas, William and sister Mary. He went to Springfield Primary School then Riverside Secondary. Left school and served his apprenticeship as a wood cutting machinist, first married in 1970 and joined the army in 1972 where he enjoyed travelling the world until 1985 when he left the forces. 
Eddie joined GlescaPals on May 27, 2005 and has been a stalwart member who is much liked and loved by everyone. Eddie and Phyllis are ever present at the 'GlescaPals annual hoose parties' and through GlescaPals have made friends all over the world. I am delighted they have got married and wish them many years of happiness ....... Webmaister


and a wee Video compiled by GlescaPal Nell, admin.



 Wedding photographs from the GlescaPals archives



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