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       Picture Halls...."kin a go tae the pictures Mammy?"        

      Premier Picture Hall, in Kirkpatrick Street was known locally as the 'Wee Geggie'

2002    Click to see  more photographs of Kirkpatrick Street
The entrance to the ' Wee Geggie' was between the two rainwater pipes, below the bay window.
The Premier Picture Hall  was converted from an engine works in 1910 and seated 700 people. 
It closed its doors in 1957 was a warehouse but is now closed and up for let.
The Auditorium was flat floored.


Aug.2002 Extract from e-mail, GlescaPal Ronnie McPhee, London, England
"Remember Joe the doorman letting you in The Geggie via the back door for tuppence when the main entrance price was sixpence, and as there was no drinkig water (cos they wanted you to buy cold drinks) when it was sweltering (as it often was) you took a handfull of water from the flushed toilet !"
Oct.2002 Extract from e-mail, May Ballantyne (nee Cuthbertson), Ontario, Canada  
  " This website keeps getting better !.....
oes anyone remember the wee Geggie in Kirkpatrick St. Where we saw Roy Rogers and Gene Autry and the foally up wi'Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon,   All for threepence on a Saturday morning ?"
Oct.2002, Extract from e-mail, Junior Morrow, Glasgow, Scotland, Oct.2002 
Why was the Premier picture house called the wee geggie? Was there a big geggie? 
I remember my first horror movie at the geggie it was the"BEAST WITH THE FIVE FINGERS" I had to run down the middle of Kirkpatrick St.across the London Rd.down Marquis St.away from dark closes I was that scared! Ii had to shout up to my ma to come to the stairhead and make sure I got safely in the house before that hand grabbed me by the throat!!!!WOW!! SCARY MOVIE!!

Oct.2002  Extract from e-mail, GlescaPal Ronnie McPhee, London, England
In response to "Junior" Morrow's inquiry about The Geggie. The fact is that there was throughout Glasgow in the 1920/30s "Penny Geggies" which were travelling cinema shows, this being at the very early stage of cinematography.
Why the Premier in Kirkpatrick street continued to be called the "Geggie" is anyone's guess, however the fact that many of these cinemas were "flearidden" might have some significance. Some will recall the expression "going in wae a fur coat, coming oot wae a bag"?
Does anyone remember when there was a technical hitch in the film that all of the audience would stamp their feet, and in unison and cry out "why are we waiting", the effect of this was the "chuckeroot" flashing his torch upon you and stating in no uncertain terms "anymer o that and yer oot".     Does anyone else remember watching "The Incredible Shrinking Man" at the Geggie and realising that this was a masterpiece of sci fi entertainment?.
And all at the Wee Geggie in Kirkpatrick Street.
Dec.2002  Extract from e-mail  (name withheld)
Ah remember drinking frae the toilet pan in the Geggie, as they had sealed aff the drinking tap and turned the heating up full blast, so that ye wid buy thur 'Keeora' orange drinks, and as I had nae money havin skipped in in the furst place, I had tae resort tae the lavvy pan!.

Jan.2005, email, Liz O'Neil 
Born in 1938 I remember when the Geggy cost tuppence and the programme changed 3 times a week.
The chucker oot was Big Snowy and he used to pack them into one end of the benches in the stalls and the kids were falling into the aisles at the other end.  We were all scared of big Snowy with his peaked hat.

Jan.2013  from GlescaPals guestbook, John & Mary McMillan, Glasgow
Does anybody out there remember the Gegy picture house in Kirkpatrick St if so do you recall there being a stuffed lion on display probably MGM movie advertisment way back in the 1950/ 60 years also name of book shop on corner with London road. and the mens barbers across the street where your ma took you for your square and sides haircut and you sat on aboard on the barbers chair cause you were too wee and the two barbers probably brothers were Mike and Bernny look alikes . and finally any idea what the record shop was named on corner near Bernard st hope this stirs a few memories for GlescaPals who knows maybe well get an e mail from other side of the World confirming the lion in the Geggy mystery aw the best john and mary mcmillan



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