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  photographs frae GlesgaPals

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a GlesgaPals tribute to 'oor forces'

The Cameronians  (Scottish Rifles) pages 7 to 7b



with a Major from the,

1st Battalion,Cameronians



  photo taken post 1918






A full size rope tension drum
with the crest of the CAMERONIANS Scottish Rifles
painted on it.
The drum has a list of all the
regiments battle honours on
the front.

It was found in a Lanarkshire attic
after a family bereavement


It was sold on ebay Oct.06 for 116



Photo from Joe Carr, Cornwall, UK

Joe has a Glesga Pals webpage & a website full of photographs from his time in the army and he would dearly love to hear from anyone who served in the Cameronians in the 1950s.

Luneburg Heath 1956
Anti-tank Mortar & MMG PI's 

. ..

John Lang Patterson served firstly with the HLI and then with the Cameronians.


 GlescaPal Joe Carr Cameronian's webpage



March 2013, extract from email, William Herd, Scotland
Dear  Sir .......... in tribute to our forces ...... to us who seen our mates killed we will not forget Rfn Charles Mclaren 1st Cameronians Scottish Rifles killed in a grenade attack in the Cresant, Aden. We remember Charlie came from Rutherglen and went to Gallowflat school with me and the same coy in the cams thank you for a great site


 Cameronians : Page7  7a  7b


 photographs from the GlesgaPals

pages 1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.     7a  7b  8.   9   10


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