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 Various photographs from the GlescaPals archives.





A reunion after 50 years - thanks tae GlescaPals.

             James Gibson (Gibby)         Bob Hay                 Bob Currie

James Gibson (Gibby)
Robert Hay     (Bob)   
Robert Currie (Bob)   

formerly of 5 Silvergrove St. and now resident in East Kilbride, Scotland 
formerly of 9 Silvergrove St. and now resident in Augusta, Australia.
formerly of 555 London Road, Bridgeton now resident in Strathaven, Scotland 

This reunion after 50 years took place at East Kilbride Arts Centre in June 2004 on the occasion of a return visit to the UK by Bob Hay who had this to say "What a great feeling I got catching up with you after all those years. We were away for 11 weeks and yet only a few events stay prominent in my memory one of which was catching up with Bob and Gibby. Thanks again to GlesgaPals website."


Extract from Email, Apr.2005, Bob Hay, Augusta, Australia
Thanks a lot Webmaister, that was great of you to do that........all the time and effort you must spend continually monitoring and constructing this fantastic website. The feelings of great joy, nostalgia and just straight forward happiness which it brings to us exiled old Brigtonians is absolutely immeasurable. You're a bloody champion. Best regards. Bob.
Extract from Messageboard, Apr.2005,  'Wilma' , Canada
A canny believe that once upon a time I used tae see you three when a went up tae ma cousins at 5 Silvergrove Street.
Extract from Messageboard, Apr.2005,  'Nell' , London, England
Warms the cockles of yir heart Webmaister whit a site GlescaPals is, the best, and whit a great photy, they must hiv hid quite a bit tae blether aboot efter 50 years. Brilliant. Aw ra Best
Email  May 2018 , Christine Rennie, Age 70. Glasgow, Scotland
hello webmaster ,  i would like to thank you for getting in touch with bob hay for me.     sorry i did not get back sooner, had a wee op on my wrist thursday   hence the reason for no capitals.  in answer to your question, it must be e 55 years at least since last contact  the hay family.  so glad the cockles o'yer heart keep warming   what a great site  ou have created here i have had a wee nosey on it over the years but now have more time to have a really good look thanks again,  Christine x


Oct.2006. GlescaPal, Bob Hay, sent me this photograph in memory of his parents,


Bob said " this is one of my favourite photos"

A very happy well loved Brigton couple,
Wullie and Susie Hay, both left us, but now together again.  

Susie was Susie Winter from Rogart Street.
Married life started in Silvergrove Street, then Greenhead Terrace
and the rest of their lives in a well earned nice new house in East Kilbride
where they spent many happy years with their daughters.

Great memories for all of us spread over Scotland, England and Australia


16 Oct.2006. Extract from GlescaPals messageboard, Bob Hay.
I'm sad to say I lost my wee dear Mammy, wee Susie Hay at the weekend in Hairmyres East Kilbride, but glad to say she went very very peacefully with three of my sisters holding her hands.
Her last words would you believe were, "They're so shoart haunded in here they whan't me tae work overtime the night".
Not bad for a 90 year old. Previously in the afternoon she'd said to them (taking of her oxygen mask), "Ah'll hiv tae get up oot o' this bed tae make a' your pieces for school".
A wee hard worker right to the end and one of that school of parents who did it hard bringing up the weans during WW2 with Dad away fightin' the Germans for six years. Some of my Glesga Pals here writing about sanitary conditions in some of those old Glasgow slums would have had to see the building she grew up in in Rogart Street. Right out of Dickens.
Unbelievable that folk were able to raise big families in places like that, but what a family bonding was formed, but when she got married and lived in Silvergrove Street, nobody kept a brighter pipeclayed and clean outside toilet than her. Something like that "Oh where is the Glasgow I knew' poem.  For me an era has passed.....

Oh where is the Glasgow where I used to stay
The white wally closes, done up wi' pipeclay
Where you knew every neighbour fae 1st floor tae 3rd
And tae keep yer door locked was considered absurd 
Dae ye ken the folk who stay upstairs fae you?


Ma Wee Brigton Mammy
written by Brigton woman Alice Maxwell

Ma wee Brigton mammy,
She taught me right from wrong
She’d smile in times of adversity
With a shrug, a smile a song…
She taught me how to help folk
To lend a listening ear;
to comfort those who needed it
help wipe away a tear...

There’s a special place in heaven
reserved for ladies just like her..
Above the gates in large red words.....

”The gateman lucks at mammy
“Were you a Brigton lass.?.”
“Oh aye” says mammy warily
“An ah hope ye’ll let me past.."

He opens wide those pearly gates...
“Step right inside ma dear ...”
They’ve a’ been waitin fur ye hen…
Fur monies and monies a year...

When mammy looks around her.
She canny stoap the tears..
Cos she sees a loat o’ faces
That she'd known fur years and years...

‘Is that wee Jeannie frae the Main Street?
and Aggie frae the toll?
“My Goad!” says mammy joyfully…
"Why they’re a’ wee Brigton souls..."

But now wee mammy’s left us..
what are we going to do?
Why, exactly what she taught us
To face life…through and through.

So when we’re feeling lonely,
or sad ‘cos she’s not here…
We'll buy her favourite flowers…
pit her photie alongside
And send our thoughts to mammy…
cos we know that she’s around..
She’ll say “Noo jist you stoap your greetin’!...
dry your eyes… don’t even frown..
‘Cos am yur Brigton mammy..
an ah'll never let you down..”
~And send our thoughts to mammy…
cos we know that she’s around..
She’ll say “Noo jist you stoap your greetin’!...
dry your eyes… don’t even frown..
‘Cos am yur Brigton mammy..
an ah'll never let you down..”


 Various photographs from the GlescaPals archives




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