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 Various photographs from the GlesgaPals archives.





Staff at Andrew Muirhead & Co’s Dalmarnock Leatherworks, 1915

The staff at Andrew Muirhead & Co’s Dalmarnock Leatherworks were already part of a global company in 1915. Just look at their chalked-board, which proudly proclaims their links with Montreal, Paris and London.
Little did they then know, that 96 years later, the company would still be in existence – and still based in Dalmarnock – supplying many of the world’s airlines and luxury car manufacturers with butter-soft leather seats to accommodate the well-padded bahookies of some of the planet’s highest-paid globetrotters.
The factory, formerly a flax and jute mill, was surrounded by tenements and the group photograph was obviously a big occasion for the locals. Look in the background and you’ll see plenty of nosey ‘windae hingers’ trying to get their coupons in the picture.

(Evening Times)

Andrew Muirhead & Son Ltd
Leather And Hide Products (Manufacture And Supply)
Dalmarnock Leather Works
273-289 Dunn Street
Glasgow, G40 3EA





photo from Jeff Bell, England, May 2004

Clydebridge Steelworks No.1 melting shop (1921)

Now you can imagine working in the melting shop would have been very hot, often unbearable. I was therefore surprised to see the men wearing scarves. A steelworker pal of mine explained that these were known as 'sweat rags' and gave relief and helped prevent sweat rashes
Clydebridge Steel Works in Cambuslang, at the East End of Glasgow opened in 1887. It was one of the giants of industrial Scotland, and its' steel plates were formed into many of the most famous ships built on the River Clyde (and elsewhere) including the Lusitania, Mauretania, Queen Mary, HMS Hood, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth II (QE2).
In 1920 Clydebridge had 2,000 about the history of Clydebridge Steelworks



Finishers at John Lyle & Co's Bloomvale Carpet Factory, Bridgeton, in 1922 
John Lyle was a foreman at Templeton's carpet factory, but left in 1853 and set up his own
carpet manufacturing business in Bridgeton.

photo sent to me Aug.2004, Jas





Feb.2011, James McMillan, of Cambuslang sent me this old photo of his Da

Slater & Plasterer John McMillan on a tenement roof in James Street, Bridgeton
John worked for the firm Andrew Smith, Builders at Broad Street, Bridgeton
from 14 yrs old to 65 yrs old and the only time he was off was for the WWII.
His Da before him worked for the same firm from 14 yrs to 65 yrs again only taking time off for WWI.
Quite a family record !





 Various photographs from the GlescaPals archives




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